Record snowfall from northeastern China to the northeastern U.S., and unusually heavy rains and floods wreak havoc worldwide in November. Meanwhile, at the COP28 climate summit:
200 countries struck a breakthrough climate agreement, calling for a transition away from fossil fuels in an unprecedented deal that targets the greatest contributors to the planet's warming.
It's not news that the green agenda is a big scam to make its proponents richer, siphon off taxpayer money, and push policies that undermine people's freedom. But as we have said before, nature has other plans. This November has been no exception in terms of historic snowfall records:
  • Anchorage, Alaska: Snowiest November since records began in 1953.
  • Northeast China: Record snowstorm forced airlines to cancel flights, halted trains, and closed schools and roads.
  • Northeastern US: Unprecedented 40 inches of snow from upstate New York to parts of New England.
  • Mongolia: Heavy snow and blizzards cover 60 percent of the country.
  • Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova: Heavy snow and strong blizzards leave thousands without power.
  • Mexico: Unusually heavy snow covers all northern states.
  • Ukraine: Heavy blizzard leaves 11 regions without power and kills 10.
The same system that dumped heavy snow in Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova triggered the "storm of the century" that hit parts of Ukraine and southern Russia, killing at least four people and leaving nearly 2 million without power.

Also, authorities in Iceland declared a state of emergency as the threat of a volcanic eruption that "could obliterate the entire town of Grindavik" loomed. 30,000 earthquakes have been recorded since seismic activity began.

More than 150 people were killed after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake devastated western Nepal's Jajarkot district, with the quake's epicenter about 300 miles west of the capital, Kathmandu. It was the country's deadliest earthquake since 2015, and the latest deadly earthquake in recent months.

As the Palestinian genocide by the Zionist psychopaths continues - supported by the American Empire, of course - Earth Changes around the world seem to be increasing in number and intensity. We remind our readers that the increase in lies, chaos, and suffering provoked by the psychopathic elite of past empires attracted rather destructive responses from the Cosmos:
Our modern civilization suffers from amnesia. The psychopathic elites have stolen our heritage: the wisdom of our ancestors who knew about the cyclical nature of cosmic events and the role played by corruption in those catastrophes. Revision after revision, lie after lie, year after year, a mechanistic, linear, uniformitarian model of the universe has been imposed upon us. This new paradigm has erased any trace of spirituality and responsibility. God is dead, cosmic events are wholly independent phenomena and humans are nothing more than biochemical machines. We were freed from any conscience, any ethical and cosmic responsibility, but to what end?
Are we going to wake up to and throw off our collective Stockholm syndrome? Will we stop denying our anger? Will we overcome our fears? Will we cease seeking approval from the system? Will we stop believing the illusion of our 'great democracies'? Will we reclaim our freedom? Will we start thinking, deciding, and acting by ourselves? Will we open our eyes to the gigantic lies we are fed daily?

At this point in the dynastic cycle, our only hope is the Truth. To seek, find, and embrace the Truth. The Truth about our history, the Truth about our 'elite', the Truth about ourselves. And the Truth, only the Truth, shall set us free.

Lescaudron, Pierre; Knight-Jadczyk, Laura. Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection (The Secret History of the World Book 3) (p. 338). Red Pill Press.

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