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Lookout world, a U.S. Congress commission has determined we are all going to die. Just when you thought Armageddon was about to happen on the plains of Mageddo in the Holy Land, The Strategic Posture Commission (PDF) says America must prepare for war with Russia and China.

The good news for those holding shares of U.S. defense industry stocks is that business will be excellent. As good as during the Cold War, or better if indicators are calculated correctly. With the United States some $33.6 trillion in debt, the powers that run our empire's business and war strategies will print even more funny money now. The recent report says the current U.S. national security strategy calls for winning one conflict, and deterring another won't suffice. The war experts say colossal defense spending increases will be necessary.

Moreover, the geniuses mulling over this new strategy say that unheard-of defense spending is "a small price to pay" for averting a nuclear war with the U.S., Russia, and China. Isn't it funny how is throwing the American taxpayers' money into war after war is never too much of a price to pay? We have become the Roman Empire with drones in the past few decades; half the world hates our guts, and the other half is scared to death of us. So, doesn't it occur to anyone in Washington that past, current, and future strategies cooked up by zombie warmongering analysts will only make things on Earth worse?

The panel of geniuses started their assessment by swallowing a Pentagon forecast that China's nuclear arsenal will likely be 1,500 nuclear warheads by 2035. It's insanity on the same level as an Austin Powers movie. The U.S. alone has 5,244 deployable nuclear warheads, according to the Federation of American Scientists (FAS). That's enough killing power to wipe out every major city in the world sixty-five times over. You read that correctly. If America launched every warhead in inventory, 81 cities with more than five million people would be deep, radioactive, smoldering holes in the ground. And Russia has 5,889 warheads.

The new plan is to expand on constructing B-21 stealth bombers ($692M each) and Columbia Class nuclear subs ($11B each) and deploy more nukes in Europe and Asia. U.S. conventional forces will also be multiplied and modernized according to this Strategic Posture Commission (SPC) panel led by six Washington war hawk politicians, Madelyn Creedon and former Arizona Senator/lobbyist Jon Kyl. Creedom, who's been in the nuclear weapons game since her time as Deputy Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and as an Assistant Secretary of Defense, is now running a consulting group that serves several defense-oriented entities/panels in Washington. It should be no surprise that Kyl opposed the New START arms control treaty's ratification in 2010. When the latter passed away, Kyl, Rabbid John McCain's replacement, apparently used his position to earn some extra pocket money from Nuclear weapons manufacturer the National Technology & Engineering Solutions of Sandia.

What's most concerning about this new strategy is the suggestion America should enact a "whole-of-government" approach to be more efficient and effective. This sounds suspiciously like an advisory to put America on a wartime footing and economy. Looking at the wording of this report, nations that were once considered partners in the globalization that was to bring us all peace, prosperity, and harmony are now enemies. This quote from the report illustrates:
"The evidence demonstrates that the U.S.-led international order and the values it upholds are at risk from the Chinese and Russian authoritarian regimes."
The recommendations in the report say that if modernized and expanded conventional U.S. forces are not capable of defeating Russia and China, then an expanded nuclear weapons capability must be able to. Finally, the panel's suggestion includes providing "President [Biden] and his successors a range of militarily effective nuclear response options to deter or counter Russian or Chinese limited nuclear use in theater."

Finally, the other members of this panel are valuable for revealing just how insane my country has become. I will list each with their most "interesting" qualifications.

Marshall Billingslea is the former Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing. He was involved in the Bush administration's enhanced interrogation techniques policy (Torture).

Rose Eilene Gottemoeller was the Deputy Secretary of NATO and the NSA's White House director for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia Affairs for denuclearization in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

Rebeccah L. Heinrichs is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and the director of its Keystone Defense Initiative. She wants to give Zelensky whatever he asks to defeat Russia somehow and force the Russians to pay to rebuild Ukraine once we help destroy it.

Robert M. Scher (get this) is the Head of International Affairs for BP America. He was once an analyst for Booz Allen Hamilton. He was also Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans, and Capabilities in the Pentagon from 2014 to 2017, when Ukraine was being made into a Nazi stronghold.

Franklin C. Miller is a foreign policy and nuclear defense policy expert. He was a Special Assistant to President George W. Bush., but now he's a principal at the Washington-based international business advisory firm The Scowcroft Group (created by the notorious Brent Scowcroft), an entity stacked to the rafters with warmongers like Condoleezza Rice, the late Secretary of State Colin Powell, and other bloodthirsty military-industrial complex puppets.

Gloria C. Duffy was instrumental in creating the Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF Global), which probably turned 50,000-60,000 nuclear experts, 65,000 bioweapons experts, and 6,000 chemical weapons experts in the former Soviet Union into double agents.

Lisa Gordon-Hagerty is the former Under Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Security and the director of the White House Office of Combating Terrorism under the National Security Council under Clinton and Bush. She made Forbes' "Most Powerful Women in 2004, 2005 and 2006." She is on the board of directors of Visible Assets, a company in wireless technology, AI, automation, and enhanced security of mission-critical assets worldwide. (See Lockheed Martin and U.S. DoD)

John E. Hyten, a retired U.S. Air Force four-star general accused of sexual misconduct, is also a strategic advisor to aerospace manufacturer, defense, and contractor Blue Origin and, a company working with the Air Force and industry with vested interests in containing Russia and China.

Matthew Kroenig is a political science guru and nuclear proliferation zombie who thinks the one with the most nukes runs the world. He gained fame as the author of the first-ever U.S.-government-wide strategy for deterring terrorist networks. He is in the situation room yelling "bomb Iran" every time NSA people meet.

Leonor A. Tomero is the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and Missile Defense Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Her resume includes bragging about adding $65 (Comment - $65 billion?) a year to the defense budget for nukes and other weapons.

So, nowhere is there the scent of hide nor hair of anyone familiar with détente, mediation, or alternative strategies. The Congress calls for studies on our policy, stacked with the same bloodthirsty types that got us into Vietnam, the fracturing of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Ukraine. Nowhere in Washington is a conscious mind focused on peace with Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, and other nations.

As I suggested at the start of this article, our leaders and bureaucrats are determined to sacrifice us all for their liberal order benefactors.