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Bacon it till you make it! Ferraz she hopes her diet will cure her hypothyroidism.
Butter late than never.

A woman says her health is now better than ever after quitting veganism in favor of the "carnivore diet."

In addition to chowing down on heapings of steak, eggs and other animal-derived dishes, Victoria Ferraz, 23, is known to treat herself to a stick of raw butter.

The law student, from Atlanta, Georgia, has been on the carnivore diet for 7 months after falling for what she described as "vegan propaganda" and eating only plant products for a year. Her flirtation with veganism was a big mis-steak, she told Jam Press.

"Everything's better with carnivore, my hair, my teeth, my nails. My body has de-flamed. Now, I have so much energy, I don't feel bloated. My acne went away," Ferraz said.

Ever since ditching plant-based milk and opting for raw dairy and meat, Ferraz claims that her acne, joint pain and bloating have vanished, as well as the unpleasant stench that came with her plant-based poops. She says she also no longer needs to take medicine for hypothyroidism.

Now, Ferraz decides what to eat based on what her body is telling her.

"Every day is different for me because your body tells you what it wants. Right now, for breakfast and dinner I eat rib-eyes, top sirloin cap, pork belly, a lot of eggs, bacon, patties, butter, tallow, that whole range of animal-based products," she explained.

"I completely eliminated sugar of all types: fruits, carbs, and processed sugar. I eat no plants, no veggies."

Minus eating a few blueberries here and there, she sticks to meat and animal products and has "no days off."

She vowed to never go plant-based again.

Ferraz grew up eating "everything," including meat. She said a desire to lose weight inspired her to give veganism a try.

"For a long time, I would eat everything a normal person would eat, I didn't restrict myself," she said.

"Then I saw the propaganda about plant-based food and a burger that is just seed oils and water and chemicals. I bought into it because I wanted to lose weight."

Ferraz also once thought she was lactose intolerant. She later deduced that her body had trouble adjusting to veganism and suffered symptoms as a result.

"I had a lot of gut issues like bloating. I felt so tired. I had a lot of bad acne. I had joint pain in my jaw, sinus issues, and headaches almost every day. Talking to many professionals and many doctors, I'd tell them things about me and they'd say 'This is normal,'" she said.

"But it wasn't normal and I couldn't feel like that every day."

Now she's feeling healthy — though some people on social media have a bone to pick with her about her lifestyle habits. Ferraz posts videos to TikTok under the moniker @vic.ferraz where her content racks up thousands of views.

In response to people who assume her bowel movements "must stink," she begs to differ.

"This might be TMI but everyone says 'your bathroom must stink' — but I'm not eating processed foods or sugars or seed oils or the oxalates that are inflaming [our bodies]," she claimed.

She said people are quick to judge her, but the "carnivore community" is growing and she hopes her story inspires others to rethink their diet.

She said haters are merely "misinformed" and she hopes people will "do their research" before switching to any diet.

Ferraz may have found success with the carnivore diet, but according to Healthline, it's not necessarily safe.

"No controlled studies support claims that the carnivore diet can help eliminate health issues. It lacks beneficial nutrients, including fiber and plant compounds like antioxidants. It may be unsafe for some people," says Healthline's website.

"The carnivore diet eliminates all foods except meat and animal products. Thus, it's lacking in numerous nutrients like fiber, loaded with salt and fat, and difficult to maintain. You should follow a well-rounded diet instead," their website continues.

Ferraz isn't the only influencer touting the benefits of a meat-only diet.

TikTok sensation Courtney Luna, 38, says chowing down on meat helped her get clear skin, lose weight, and beat her anxiety.

Former vegan and influencer Alyse Parker ate nothing but meat and animal products for 30 days and said she felt healthier than she had in years.