Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson
On Wednesday morning, Real America's Voice broke a HUGE story.

Ed Henry and Karyn Turk, hosts of the popular morning show "American Sunshine" on Real America's Voice, reported on a new rule at Fox News: NEVER SAY "Tucker!"

It feels like a Harry Potter movie now... "He who MUST NOT be named."

"I want to quickly get to another point about Fox News," the host of the morning show said.

"So this gentleman, Chadwick Moore, used to be a frequent guest on Fox News Channel, but he decided to write a biography on Tucker. Right? And when Tucker was there, they were like, oh, yeah, carte blanche, we'll do interviews. We'll do it now. Then they fired him (Tucker). They don't want him (Chadwick). So they canceled an appearance the other night. There was a big hullabaloo, and he revealed that they had a new policy over there...

... He says, so they reversed that policy, and they're going to allow you on if you have a non-Murdoch book. But then he's saying that insiders at Fox News are telling him privately that all on-air talent have been banned from saying the name 'Tucker.'"