dog attack
In a horrific incident in Bhestan area of Surat, a 5-year-old boy was bitten to death by about 10 stray dogs on Wednesday. The child was attacked when he went to attend nature's call nature nearby while his parents, who are construction workers, were away.

According to sources, the boy's father Ratul Pandor and his mother live and work at a concrete mixing plant near Bhestan Fire Station. On Wednesday evening, when Pandor and his wife were working at the site, their son went to attend nature's call. Right then, a pack of dogs pounced on him and bit him several times around his stomach and head. The attack by dogs was so brutal and vicious that the boy's body was torn apart.

Hearing the boy's cries for help, his parents and other workers rushed and chased the dogs. But by that time, he had sustained serious injuries. He was shifted to a private hospital by 108 emergency ambulance. However, as the boy was very critical, the doctors at the private hospital told his parents to immediately take him to civil hospital. Doctors at the civil hospital declared him brought dead.

Incidents of dog bite are on the rise in Surat city. This is the third incident of fatal dog attack in the city. Earlier, a two-year-old girl died of dog bite in Khojad area of the city at the site of a firm called Diamond Burs. In another incident, which took place in Palanpor Patiya area, a four-day-old infant died due of dog bites.

16,000 dog bites in Surat

Palika Market official Rajesh Ghelani said the rising dog attack cases are a cause of huge concern but the reason for dogs becoming violent needs to be probed. According to data, 16,653 people sustained dog bites in Surat in the last one year.