David Orton
David Orton
A pedophile adopted a transgender identity and was consequently able to befriend, groom, sexually assault and impregnate a 14-year-old girl in England.

According to the Daily Mail, the victim's family trusted David Orton, a male with a tattooed face, to be alone with their daughter because of the sex offender's transgender identity. Orton has now begun a nine-and-a-half-year prison sentence after being found guilty of two counts of penetrative sexual activity with a child aged 13 to 15.

The Daily Mail reports that Orton had groomed the victim to such an extent that she initially did not believe herself to have been exploited, but that she later reported the relationship to the police and revealed she was pregnant with the pedophile's baby.

"This is the type of tragedy that gender-critical women are worried about," women's rights campaigner Caroline Fiske told the MailOnline. "There is a risk that boundaries are lowered in an attempt to 'be kind' but sex matters."

Comment: Yes, these kind of events are exactly why females should be entitled to female-only spaces like locker rooms, bathrooms and other private places. It is to protect against sexual predators.

A source with knowledge of the case reportedly told the Daily Mail that the sexual predator had identified as a woman to in order to gain access to the victim.

During the trial that took place last week, Leicester Crown Court heard that Orton, who went by the name of Danielle Rose Gemini at the time of the crime, had befriended the victim's family prior to grooming and abusing her.

Orton was arrested after the girl's parents became suspicious of their daughter's relationship with the trans-identified male.

"You are a self-pitying and self-obsessed individual who shows no detectable empathy and not a shred of remorse for your actions," Judge Timothy Spencer KC said to Orton in court. "Those actions have destroyed a mother and daughter relationship at a time when they should have been close, caused devastation to the wider family and taken away the teenaged years of a child that can never be re-lived."

Orton was charged as a male and referred to with male pronouns throughout the trial.

"We know that predatory men will use any tool at their disposal to access victims," Standing for Women founder Kellie-Jay Keen told the Daily Mail. "It's extraordinarily naive to think they might not pretend to be women to give them unfettered access to children."

Comment: Precisely. Sexual deviants will latch onto any group or movement if it can increase the likelihood of them being able to procure victims. This is especially true of pedophiles, but also applies across the board for all other predators (both men and women).

As it happens, the "transgender" movement is the perfect opportunity and appears to attract a large portion of predatory individuals.

"Safeguarding must not ever bend to the whims of ideology, religions or cultural trends," Keen continued. "When it does, it leaves everyone more vulnerable."

"Orton used the victim's vulnerability for their own gain and not only groomed the victim but also her parents who believed Orton was a genuine friend," Detective Constable Sarah Le Boutillier of Leicestershire Police told the Daily Mail. "Throughout our interviews, Orton refused to accept that there was any wrongdoing and that [Orton was] in fact the victim. The claims were unfounded."

"This was a complex and lengthy investigation; the initial report was made to the police more than two years ago," Le Boutillier went on. "The victim's parents refused to accept her initial explanations and persevered with their concerns. We are pleased the victim found the courage to eventually talk about what she had been through and recognized she was a victim and that Orton's actions were not that of a friend."

"We hope the verdict and sentence now help the victim to come to terms with what happened and try and put that time behind her, and also reassures her parents that they did the right thing by coming forward," concluded Le Boutillier. "We would like to reassure anyone who may be in a similar situation to report their concerns, as they will be heard and we will help them through the process.