martha's vineyard refugee crisis
Residents of the affluent Martha's Vineyard island, a popular vacation destination for the rich and famous and home to former President Barack Obama's $12 million estate, have been capitalizing off of the 50 migrants who were flown in from Florida.

A GoFundMe page created on Thursday by Sarah Goulet, a wealthy Democratic socialite, organizing on behalf of the Martha's Vineyard Community Foundation titled "Urgent plea to help Martha's Vineyard migrants," has so far raised over $41,000, shooting past their initial goal of $30,000. When the border-crossers arrived unexpectedly, they spent the night on the floor of a local church. In a town with many empty seasonal vacation homes which cost $1.325 million on average, one might think that they'd have a better place to house migrants, especially considering their vocal support of them.

The organizer is an Ivy League alum from an affluent family and New York comms exec who donated 6x to Kamala Harris. Her wedding on Martha's Vineyard was featured by NYT and her family's $1.6 million+ home there sits near a private association beach.

One long-time Martha's Vineyard resident even called on the Obamas to open up their mansion to the migrants, pointing out the hypocrisy in espousing liberal views but refusing to take action.

"The people who live there are rich and removed from real life," Jane Chittick told the New York Post. "These people will love the fact the immigrants have been dropped off on their island, because now they can feel like part of the solution, helping these few people. But they'd never let them into their houses unless they were working."

The illegal immigrants, who were transported to the New England island by Gov. Ron DeSantis in an effort to have the people who voted for open-border policies face the reality of their actions, have already been ushered off of the island to a military base by the National Guard after spending just one day there.

Now that the migrants are off of the island, the GoFundMe page is still up and accepting donations, saying that the money collected will not be "directly helping this group of migrants and their situation."

"The migrants left Martha's Vineyard for the Cape this morning," the update reads. "You are welcome to still give to support the MV Community Foundation and its ongoing work, but any donations as of 11 AM today will go to shoring up the organizations that provided assistance over the past few days and to building up a reserve to assist situations like this in the future, rather than directly helping this group of migrants and their situation."