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In the first major defeat for rebel Donbass and Russian forces since the war began in February, Ukrainian and NATO forces actually won a battle and reclaimed a significant amount of territory in the eastern region of Kharkov. Surprising most, even Ukrainians it seems, the offensive has Ukraine supporters gushing about the imminent collapse of the entire Russian front.

In this NewsReal, Joe and Niall remind listeners that Russia is fighting in Ukraine with one arm (and leg) tied behind its back, so if its leadership decides it needs to untie those 'limbs' in order to achieve its goals in Ukraine - which have been planned over many years - then it will do so. Absent the crazies in Washington and London nuking Moscow, Russia is still going to win in Ukraine!

In the second hour, they take in the latest genocidal moves by Western governments to cut off food and energy supplies to their own populations, and comment on the queer reactions to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

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