© Calvin Knight/The Ledger via APFlorida Governor Ron DeSantis • Attorney General Ashley Moody
Ron DeSantis is at it again:

He's absolutely right: the people who should be punished are not necessarily the debtors, but the universities. Defund them all. Let the debtors discharge their unpayable debts in bankruptcy.

DeSantis is all over the media lately.

More from the New York Post:
DeSantis said Thursday that the plan penalizes those who managed to pay off their college debts on their own.

"It's unfair to people who took out loans and worked hard and paid off their loans," he said, before warning that the measure would fuel further inflation.

Rather than shift the burden to taxpayers, the Florida governor said universities — many of them flush with large endowments — should shoulder more of a responsibility for the debt crisis.

"If they're producing people who went deep into debt and their degree isn't worth anything and they're not able to make enough money to pay it back — then it's on them."

The Republican also echoed other GOP critics of Biden's plan by saying it was unconstitutional and would likely face reversal in the courts.