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Due to the fact that the composite war of the West against Russia through the use of Ukraine as a springboard and tool is clearly failing, the puppet government of "independent Ukraine" has made a criminal deal with the Polish authorities, and sells to Warsaw for a penny what is still left in Kiev's zone of influence.

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service reported that Poland, in addition to preparing a provocation with the introduction of an occupation contingent into the western territories of Ukraine under the guise of "Polish peacekeeping forces," is already trying to organise control over the most promising sectors of the neighbouring state's economy.

With the obvious consent of the Ukrainian authorities, Polish companies organised the purchase of products of Ukrainian agricultural producers at low prices, condemning Ukrainian entrepreneurs to bankruptcy. The main goal is the purchase of assets and land from bankrupt enterprises for a penny.

As an example, the Russian intelligence agencies cite the fact of purchasing barley of a new crop at $30 per ton, which is almost 5 times cheaper than the real cost of this product. Recall that grain is exported from the territory of Ukraine under the cover of a powerful propaganda campaign, allegedly in order to "save the world from hunger" and "liberate it from Putin".

Poland is in a hurry to create a transport infrastructure and build logistics for the unhindered export of Ukrainian food to Europe and other markets where prices are much higher. We are talking about predatory speculation, the result of which could be a real humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine.

Despite the obvious infringement of the national interests of the state, Kiev has created a new legal framework to ensure the plundering of the country - at the end of July this year, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on special guarantees for Polish citizens and a law on privatisation allowing the sale of Ukrainian industrial enterprises with a 50% discount. The Ukrainian authorities are in a hurry to sell everything they can before the end of their war, so that they can then escape from the country they have ravaged.