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As western Europe bakes in a midsummer heatwave, scurrilous media has taken the opportunity to 'let folks know' that high temperatures can cause 'blood clots' and 'excess deaths'. Although technically true, we can't shake the icky feeling that they're 'not letting a (contrived) crisis go to waste' by using the fairly normal high temperatures to 'bury some CoVaxx dead'.

Also on this NewsReal, Joe and Niall discuss the 'surprising' Manitoba government data on hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19, as well as alarming new studies on the frequency of menstrual problems in vaccinated women. The Science is apparently not behaving as it's 'supposed' to.

In the second half, they switch to the ongoing titanic struggle between Russian and American Ukrainian forces in the Donbass, where escalatory measures are edging ever-closer to some kind of direct showdown between the superpowers.

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