vehicles stuck on the road due to hail
Vehicles stuck on the road due to hail
A strong storm with hail and wind also devastated the Croatian Zagorje on Thursday. The worst was in the villages along the border with Slovenia, where hail the size of a walnut fell. The mayor of Kumrovec described the stormy weather as a catastrophe and explained that huge amounts of hail on the roads in some places completely stopped traffic.

According to locals, the storm in the area of ​​the villages of Kumrovec, Zagorska Sela and Klanjec was so severe that hail completely covered the yards of houses, streets and meadows in just a few minutes. It looked like it was snowing, they add.

Due to the huge amount of hail on the roads, traffic was completely stopped in some places. Mayor of Kumrovec Robert Šplajt he doesn't remember anything like that. "Disaster, disaster! Cars are stuck on the roads. I would go check the situation on the ground, but I can't go anywhere by car," he told the portal yesterday Zagorje international. In some areas, it also caused up to 70 centimeters of hail, which completely whitewashed the place.

It was also severe in Zagorske Seli. The mayor there Ksenija Krivec Jurak she assessed that the situation in the municipality was bad and that the damage was great. "The cornfields were completely destroyed, everything was white as if it were snowing. Hail the size of a walnut was falling."

Mayor of Klanjec Zlatko Brlek he also expects a lot of damage. "It's very severe, the storm came from Slovenia, it lasted five minutes," said Brlek, explaining that hail the size of a hazelnut fell first and then the size of a walnut. "The damage to crops and vineyards is certainly 100 percent and I simply have no words to describe it," added Brlek for the Croatian news agency Hina.

For the portal 24sata the mayor of Krapina-Zagorje County commented on the consequences of the strong hail storm Željko Kolar. He said the roads had to be plowed because of the large amount of hail. He explained that several landslides were triggered, the kindergarten in Klanjec was damaged, and meteor water flooded the primary school in Trgovišće. "It's a vineyard area, everything is destroyed," Kolar added.

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