Justin Trudeau
The Conservative Party-led motion to revert to pre-pandemic rules and service levels for travel was defeated on Monday, with Nays beating out Yeas 202 to 117.

The Opposition motion, put forward by Thornhill MP Melissa Lantsman, called on the House to revert measures that restrict unvaccinated Canadians from travelling by train or plane in their own country.

"Canadians are currently experiencing unacceptable wait times at Canadian airports, even though airports are still operating at reduced capacity. Current restrictions have been cited by experts as ineffective and contributing to additional delays, costs, and confusion, as well as acute labour shortages," the motion read.

"Canada's international allies have moved to lift COVID-19 restrictions at airports and other points of entry," it continues, saying that "Canada is losing business and economic opportunities."

The motion was voted down by the Liberals, NDP, Bloc, and Greens.

The motion's sponsor Lantsman said on Friday that the world has moved on without Canada in terms of restrictions for travel.

"The world has embraced restriction-free travel. The Canadian chamber of commerce, the airports council, and now health experts are telling this government that their outdated COVID restrictions have to go. Who's actually telling the government to keep those restrictions?" she asked during Question Period.