bill maher trans gay pride
Bill Maher accused kids of coming out as trans is because it's 'trendy' and because being gay 'is not hip enough', on Friday's Real Time.

Maher, 66, who often draws the ire of both conservatives and liberals on his long-running show, largely went after the transgender part of that acronym in his editorial.

He began by noting the polls show the number of Americans identifying as LGBTQ has doubled with each passing generation, joking that 'if we follow this trajectory, we will all be gay in 2054.'

Maher then asked if people are allowed to see those increases and ask: 'What's up with that?'

'It wasn't that long ago that when adults asked children what they wanted to be when they grew up, 'They meant what profession,' Maher said.

He then pivoted to suggest that the number of LGBTQ Americans had risen so sharply, a recent ACLU finding claimed abortion rights bans would affect LGBTQ people more than cisgender women giving birth.

'Someone needs to say it - not everything's about you. It's okay to ask questions about something very new,' Maher said.

He then turned to puberty blockers, which are given to transgender youth, which Maher called 'literally experimenting on children' and suggested that the long-term effects haven't been studied enough, showing studies that said it caused lack of bone density and infertility.

Maher also cracked about the upcoming Pride parade in New York City not including gay men, but only trans people and lesbians.

'That's where we are now - gay men are not hip enough for a Gay Pride parade. Gay is practically cis, and cis is practically Mormon,' he said, showing a photo of Senator Mitt Romney.

Maher then suggested the number of people identifying as LGBTQ is 'trendy' because teenagers like to challenge 'the squares who brought you up' and wondering why he saw so many transgender children in his home of California but not in Youngstown, Ohio or the rest of the country.

He said that granting children's request for puberty blockers and genital surgery makes them part of a culture war they shouldn't be a part of.

'Never forget childen are impressionable and very, very stupid,' Maher said. 'A boy who thinks he's a girl maybe is just gay - or whatever [the television character] 'Frasier' was

'And maybe, if life makes you sad, there are other solutions than hand me the d**k saw,' he added.

Maher wrapped it up by saying that while gender is fluid, that 'kids are fluid about everything' and want to be different things when they grow up from one day to the next.

'I wanted to be a pirate. Thank God no one scheduled me for eye removal and peg leg surgery,' he finished.

Though in recent episodes of the show and in his new standup special, #Adulting, Maher claims that he remains the same liberal he always was, though he has ticked off the left and specifically LGBTQ advocates and what he deems 'the woke mob' recently.

Maher mocked woke advocates for transgender issues in a show on May 7, saying the possible overturn of Roe V. Wade was a more important issue that puts their complaints into perspective.

In his opening monologue, Maher discussed the Supreme Court leak that revealed five justices are prepared to alter the landmark abortion case.

But the talk show host couldn't resist taking a jab at transgender people and their supporters obsession with policing pronouns.

'Louisiana wants to pass a law that says flat out if you get an abortion, you get charged with murder. Wow,' Maher said, referencing the state's controversial abortion bill.

'Suddenly getting the right pronoun doesn't seem so big, does it?'

Along with the Louisiana bill, Maher criticized the wave of states looking to set more restrictive abortion laws as they expected Roe V. Wade to be overturned.

'Oklahoma already has one on the books. Six weeks, can't get an [abortion] after six weeks,' he said. 'Most women don't even know they're pregnant at six weeks.

'They don't even know if they like the guy. Six weeks. That's a quick look.'

Despite what he said, Maher slammed pro-choice protestors later in the show, saying their claim that ending Roe V. Wade would send U.S. abortion rights back 50 years is 'factually inaccurate.'

Maher said the ruling is not 'settled law' and that it would not have the drastic impact pro-choice defenders believe it would.

'Most abortions now, even when you go to a clinic, are done with the pill,' Maher said. 'The pill. And pills are easy to get in America.'

'So, you know, for the people who say we're going back to 1973, we're not. That's just factually inaccurate.'