goya painting truth rescued by time

Truth Rescued by Time, Witnessed by History
Francisco Goya, 1812-1814.
Neo-Nazis from the Ukrainian Azov Regiment (organization banned in Russia) were bringing boxes, probably with explosives and detonators, into the building before the explosion of the Drama Theater in Mariupol, said refugee from Mariupol and former police operative Maksim Pavlenko on April 1, giving explanations to Russian FSB Border Guard Service officers.

Pavlenko told about his acquaintance in Berdyansk with Mikhail, a cook from the Drama Theater, who cooked food for two thousand civilians hiding daily in the theater basement. Mikhail, the cook, told former operative Pavlenko that on the eve of the explosion, militants of Azov (organization banned in the Russian Federation) brought boxes into the theater.

The member of the Azov battalions (organization banned in Russia), Pavlenko said, told the cooks not to go near the boxes and to leave the premises because, according to them, Russian troops would allegedly carry out air strikes the next day.

According to Mikhail, Pavlenko explained, "it really was a detonator and explosives." The operative said that photos from the site of the destroyed Drama Theater show that the building was destroyed by an explosion from inside.

Residents of Mariupol testified that the members of the Azov battalions (organization banned in Russia) said, "We will re-capture this city or there will be no city," Pavlenko said.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Kiev's accusations against Russian forces for allegedly carrying out an air strike on the Drama Theater building in Mariupol on March 16 were untrue - Russian aviation did not carry out any strikes on ground targets. The Russian Defense Ministry noted that in reality, "fighters of the Azov nationalist battalion (an organization banned in the Russian Federation) carried out a new bloody provocation by blowing up a theater building they had mined."

Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine on February 24 to protect Russian-speaking citizens from the genocide to which they had been subjected by the Kiev authorities for several years. The Russian side stated that the goals of the special operation were the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.

ViaRossa Primavera News Agency