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As yet more governments push yet more draconian 'laws' on populations, with no regard whatsoever for actual epidemiological science, we're approaching the point where - if they really want every single living person to 'take the vaccine' - they're going to have to start physically making it happen.

But those are the 'anti-vaxx rebels'; loud and growing in number though they are, they remain a minority. In the meantime most are still behaving as if they're terrified of something WAY more dangerous than Covid-19. Mass compliance and 'auto-enforcement' of COVID 'rules' show no signs of abating. We're headed for the worst-case scenario: a state of full-blown global totalitarianism.

In the first half of this NewsReal, Joe and Niall cite documented 20th century government research into 'programming people' with 'mind control techniques' through drugs, hypnotic suggestion and terrorism, to suggest what's really motivating or prompting peoples' bizarre behavior: a combination of terror of government, and, perhaps less consciously still, terror of the wrath of Mother Nature.

In the second hour, they highlight some of the latest Covid madness, the frightful and potentially record-breaking 'super-outbreak' of tornadoes that smashed up Kentucky, and the Anglo-Americans' latest Democracy™ pow-wows regarding Russia's supposed 'barbaric invasion of Ukraine'.

Running Time: 01:50:59

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YouTube made us remove one minute of this podcast (at roughly 01:03:00), in which we showed a Tweeted video clip from a sports match in which a professional football player was seen clutching his chest. 'Copyright', allegedly. More likely, the Control System is playing whack-a-mole with as many instances of players collapsing on the field as possible. Anyway, the edited version of this podcast is apparently being 'approved' and will shortly be up on the NewsReal YT channel (here). The full version is also available to view and download on Odysee. Show Notes