france protest august 2021
© Sameer Al-Doumy, AFPPeople take part in a march organised by the French nationalist party "Les Patriotes" (The Patriots) as part of a national day of protest against the compulsory Covid-19 vaccination for certain workers, and the mandatory use of the health pass called for by the French government to access most public spaces, in Paris on August 14, 2021
Protesters have marched in cities across France for a fifth consecutive weekend against rules compelling them to show a COVID-19 health pass for dailyactivities, but in lesser numbers than a week ago.

Comment: See the media below, the turn out was likely much bigger than previous protests.

They rallied through the streets of Paris, Marseille, Nice, Montpellier and other towns waving placards reading "Pass=Apartheid" and chanting "Freedom, freedom".

Since last Monday, citizens have been required to show the pass in public places, proving that they have been vaccinated or have recently been tested negative for the coronavirus.

After a week of leniency from the police, the government has vowed to get tougher on health pass checks. And testing, unless prescribed by a doctor, will no longer be free from October.

Comment: 'Health' pass? Meaning those without it can be considered UNhealthy until proven otherwise? In our Orwellian times, Newspeak is a necessity, otherwise people might get wise to this insidious agenda too quickly; although what's happening in France, as well as Australia, can give us a good idea what's coming: Australia's MILITARY enforcing lockdown, helicopters soar overheard blaring warnings, gov't wants to inject 80% of population before border block lifted

The protests have united a disparate group against President Emmanuel Macron's legislation, which is meant to help contain a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections spreading across France and help safeguard the country's economic recovery.

The total number of participants in the latest protests had diminished to almost 215,000, according to the interior ministry, after a steady rise from 114,000 on the first Saturday of protest on July 17 to 237,000 on Aug. 7.

Comment: The interior ministry has been caught downplaying the numbers by orders of magnitude, but, judging from the data online, it's likely well over a million (and probably double that) were in attendance last week.

Authorities had initially anticipated that the 217 overwhelmingly peaceful rallies around the country would total around 250,000 demonstrators.

The number of people being treated for COVID-19 in intensive care units has more than doubled in less than a month, standing at 1,831 as of Friday. That's less than a third of the third lockdown peak of 6,001, but high enough to trigger restrictive measures in certain areas.

The number of people treated for COVID-19 in intensive care units has more than doubled in less than a month, standing at 1,831 as of Friday, a figure more than three times lower than the third lockdown peak of 6,001, but high enough to trigger new restrictive measures in certain areas.

Health Ministry data showed nine in every 10 COVID patients recently admitted to intensive care had not been vaccinated. A majority of French support the health pass, surveys show.

Comment: It's not much of a majority when, according to wiki, 51.9% - just over half - of people have been 'fully vaccinated'. It's highly unlikely that nearly half of respondents voted to stop themselves and their loved ones from doing the fundamental things they need to do survive.

Among the protesters are remnants of the anti-government "Yellow Vest" movement that shook Macron's leadership during 2018-2019, and also other citizens who are anti-vaccine or consider the health pass to be discriminatory.

Comment: The Yellow Vests are not 'anti-government', they are against corrupt governance and the suffering they have to endure because of it.

Vaccination rates jumped after Macron unveiled his health pass plans last month. Almost 70% of all French people have now received one dose and 57.5% are fully vaccinated.