ufo radar trace
© Jeremy CorbellThe shocking clip shows sailors aboard the USS Omaha observing as many as nine objects swarming the ship at speeds of up to 160 mph.
The filmmaker who leaked footage of UFOs harassing a warship off the coast of California in 2019 released new radar footage Thursday that purportedly shows the USS Omaha being swarmed by unidentified aerial phenomena.

Jeremy Corbell claims the video was filmed in the combat information center of the ship on July 15, 2019. Earlier this month, he introduced footage, taken aboard the USS Omaha, of a mysterious, spherical object flying over the ship before disappearing into the ocean.

"This is corroborative electro-optic data demonstrating a significant UFO event series in a warning area off San Diego," Corbell tweeted Thursday.

The new unclassified clip shows sailors aboard the Omaha observing as many as nine UFOs swarming the ship at speeds approaching 160 mph.


:01 "OOD if you can write a general LAT/LONG of where we're at."

:03 [faint voice] "We do have some X-band RADAR tracks..."

:05 "Yes Sir."

:06 "And then... the number of contacts you've got. Get the course and speed meters off 'em."

:09 "Copy."

:10 "You know what I mean? In relative position to us. And bearings. Might be helpful too."

:15 "Eyes up."

:16 "Eyes down."

:18 [intercom] "CSM TAO, maintain track, maintain track as best you can."

:24 "Track 781 just sped up to 46 knots. 50 knots. Closing in."

:33 "138 knots. Holy shit. They're going fast. Oh, it's turning around."

:36 "That one's pretty much perfectly zero zero zero relative, right?"

:39 "Yeah."

:40 "263 at 3 miles. 55 knots, speed."

*OOD (Officer of the deck) / CSM (Combat System Manager) / TAO (Tactical Action Officer)

"Holy s-t they're going fast," a sailor is heard saying, before adding, "Oh, it's turning around."

The Pentagon had previously confirmed that an 18-second video Corbell leaked of three UFOs hovering over the USS Russell in July 2019 is authentic.

The shocking clip shows sailors aboard the USS Omaha observing as many as nine objects swarming the ship at speeds of up to 160 mph.Jeremy Corbell
USS Omaha navy ship
© U.S. NavyThe USS Omaha, the ship near which the UFO incident occurred.
Corbell and his associate, KLAS-TV Las Vegas investigative reporter George Knapp, appeared on Knapp's paranormal-focused show Mystery Wire Thursday to discuss the new clip.

"Luckily we have footage from the CIC [combat information center] that was obtained by a crew that was specifically called in to film these anomalous events," Corbell said on the program.

Jeremy Corbell had previously released footage of a mysterious flying object hovering near a US Navy vessel.

The filmmaker said that at one point, 14 UFOs could be seen on the Navy radar, but that footage was not provided.

"It supports the hypothesis that these are not just a balloon that is dropping into the water, it's not something that is easily explained, these are true unidentifieds in mass number," he said.

The unidentified aerial phenomena were part of a series of "strange intrusions" involving nine US Navy ships in the Pacific Ocean in July 2019, the researchers said.

"The objects are truly of unknown origins," Kapp said. "If they are foreign drones, they displayed abilities to exceed our own technologies, anything we know of, that is, and some of them appeared to be transmedium craft: They could fly in the air, they could enter the ocean, travel through water as easy as they travel through air."

The Department of Defense had not issued a public statement on the latest footage Thursday night.

The new disclosure comes as defense officials are preparing to present Congress with a report detailing everything the government knows about UFOs next month — a mandate that was attached to former President Donald Trump's $2.3 trillion COVID-19 bill in December.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that Lue Elizondo, a former head of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, filed a complaint against the Pentagon, claiming officials tried to assassinate his character after he blew the whistle on UFO evidence.

"The level of interest is reaching a critical mass," Elizondo told The Post in April. "I think [government officials realize that] it would be like putting the cat back in the bag or like putting toothpaste back in the tube. Now that the government has acknowledged the reality of unexplained aerial phenomenon ... it's going to be real hard to backtrack."