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Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's son responded Wednesday after his father's home was searched by federal investigators earlier in the day, saying that Americans should be "extremely disturbed" by the development.

Andrew Giuliani, a conservative commentator for Newsmax, told reporters in New York City that "any American, whether you are red or blue, should be extremely disturbed by what happened here today by the continued politicization of the Justice Department."

"If this can happen to the former president's lawyer," he added, "this can happen to any American." He further suggested that the Department of Justice is not "independent of politics."

A lawyer for former Mayor Giuliani told the Wall Street Journal and Fox News that seven FBI agents arrived at his home, remaining there for two hours. They seized several phones, laptops, and other electronic devices.

"This is totally unnecessary," Costello told Fox News, adding the raid was carried out "make him look like he's some sort of criminal."

"What they did today was legal thuggery," Costello told the WSJ, echoing comments made by Giuliani's son. "Why would you do this to anyone, let alone someone who was the associate attorney general, United States attorney, the mayor of New York City, and the personal lawyer to the 45th president of the United States."
Andrew Giuliani
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Andrew Giuliani attends an event in New York City, on Aug. 2, 2010.
During his news conference, the younger Giuliani invoked allegations against Hunter Biden, "The only piece of evidence that they did not take up there today was the only piece of incriminating evidence that is in there — and it does not belong to my father, it belongs to the current president's son." Although he didn't specify further, he may have been referring to a laptop that had belonged to Hunter Biden before it ended up in the hands of Giuliani.

While the New York Times was the first to break the story on the search of Giuliani's home, it's not exactly clear what it pertains to. Two former alleged associates to Giuliani, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, were charged in 2019 with unrelated charges stemming from campaign finance violations. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Trump has not yet issued a statement on the matter.

However, in 2018, when the home of former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, was searched by federal agents, the former president decried the move as a "witch hunt" by the Department of Justice that sought to undermine his presidency and the legitimacy of his 2016 presidential victory.

The Epoch Times has contacted Giuliani's office and the FBI for comment.


This statement was issued by Robert J. Costello on April 28, 2021 :
Rudolph Giuliani has authorized Robert J. Costello to release the following statement regarding the events on April 28, 2021:

The Biden department of justice has completely ignored clear evidence (which the FBI has had for over a year) in texts and emails on Hunter Biden's hard drive of failing to register numerous times as a foreign agent, child pornography, money laundering, and 30 years of the Biden Crime family taking millions and millions in bribes to sell his public offices.

Instead, the Justice Department decided it was a higher priority to serve (at dawn) search warrants for electronics at the home and law office of former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

The search warrants involve only one indication of an alleged incident of failure to register as a foreign agent. Mayor Giuliani has not only denied this allegation, but offered twice in the past two years through his attorney Bob Costello to demonstrate that it is entirely untrue. Twice the offer was rejected by the SDNY by stating that while they were willing to listen to anything Mr. Costello had to say, they would not tell Mr. Giuliani or Mr. Costello, the subject matter they wanted him to address.

This contrasts with multiple proven incidences of failure to file as a foreign agent contained on the Biden hard drive which the FBI and the Department of Justice has ignored. You have not seen the home of Hunter Biden raided by the FBI with search warrants. This behavior of the justice department, enabled by a compliant media, running roughshod over the constitutional rights of anyone involved in, or legally defending, former President Donald J. Trump is becoming the rule, rather than the exception.

It is also a clear example of a corrupt double standard. One for high-level democrats whose blatant crimes are ignored, such as Hilary Clinton, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and Republicans who are prominent supporters and defenders of President Trump who, are subjected to false charges and procedures used in the past, if at all, in cases involving terrorists and organized criminals.

The electronics taken are, also, replete with the material covered by the attorney-client privilege and other constitutional privileges. The warrant served on Mr. Giuliani's law office is another disturbing example of complete disregard for the attorney-client privilege protected by the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution.

Remember the newspaper reports that explained that twice before, the SDNY went to Main Justice to seek permission to obtain a search warrant for Mr. Giuliani's electronic devices and twice before the request was rejected. What changed? A new Administration - a new Attorney General. Were they ever informed of Mr. Costello's offer? Was the Judge who signed the search warrant ever informed of Mr. Costello's offer? We think not.

Twice, Mr. Giuliani's counsel offered to sit with the SDNY and demonstrate that Mr. Giuliani's conduct was lawful. It is outrageous that the Trump Derangement Syndrome has gone so far that hatred has driven this unjustified and unethical attack on the United States Attorney and Mayor who did more to reduce crime than virtually any other in American history. Mr. Giuliani respects the law, and he can demonstrate that his conduct as a lawyer and a citizen was absolutely legal and ethical.

Of course, I'm sure you will not be surprised that the FBI left behind the only electronics that contain evidence of crimes, the Hunter Biden hard drives. Mayor Giuliani offered them on several occasions, but the agents steadfastly declined. Keep in mind that the agents could not read the physical hard drives without plugging them in, but they took Mr. Giuliani's word that the hard drives were copies of Hunter Biden's hard drive and did not contain anything pertaining to Mr. Giuliani. Think about what that tells you. Their reliance on Mr. Giuliani's credibility tells you everything you need to know about this case.