Fireball spotted above Bournemouth in early hours of this morning

Fireball spotted above Bournemouth in early hours of this morning
FOOTAGE has emerged of a fireball which shot across the sky over Bournemouth in the early hours of this morning.

The incredible sight was recorded at 12.56am by Beswick Avenue resident Tina Williams, 56, who has CCTV installed outside of her apartment.

Video from Tina's CCTV camera captured the moment and can be watched below.

Tina has been "blown away" by the footage.

She said: "I was staying at my boyfriend Lee's place in West Howe when it happened. Lee got up this morning to have a look at my apartment's CCTV footage and when he was watching it, he saw the bright light that appeared.

"It was travelling fast and then suddenly, it fizzled out. He zoomed in on the footage and saw that it was definitely not an aircraft. We have re-watched the footage so many times this morning and we are pretty much convinced that it is a fireball.

"We were both blown away by what we saw and are wondering if anyone else saw it.

"I do enjoy watching the sky, especially when meteor showers are expected, but this is the very first time I've seen anything like this."

The Durlston Astronomy Centre and the International Meteor Organisation have been approached for further information.

A spokesperson for the International Meteor Organisation said: "After deeper analysis of the video, we suspect the event to be a space junk reentry (debris of satellite, rocket stage or other).

"We are now having a look to see which debris it is (if referenced)."