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Attorney Sidney Powell
One week ago, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review two Pennsylvania cases challenging the validity of votes in the 2020 election, and on Monday it rejected two petitions from attorney Sidney Powell with no explanation.

Powell had promised in the aftermath of the Nov. 3 election to "release the Kraken," with lawsuits that would blow up the claim that the vote count was legitimate. Her lawsuits were rejected on procedural grounds, however, and her claims never got traction.

But her confidence that the election was invalid is unshaken. She told Erskine Radio in an interview Saturday that there is "more than enough evidence in the public now to more than reverse the election in at least five states."

Powell said the existence of "fractionalized votes" weighted in favor of Joe Biden, created by a computer algorithm, can be proved in multiple counties. And it could be proved across the country, she said, "if anybody would issue an order allowing inspection of the machines."

"There's all kind of precedent for fixing what happened in this election from Bush vs. Gore to other cases as well," she said, the Gateway Pundit reported."

She noted that federal law calls for election records to be kept for 22 months.
"In this case it requires forensic evaluations of the machines and looking at all of the paper ballots. We already know that's not going to match up. There were counterfeit ballots. People were saying, 'Oh, well they did a full audit in Georgia.' Well, if you just keep running the same counterfeit bill through the same counting machine you're going to get the same result."