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On this episode of Objective:Health we talk to Dr. Lee Merritt about the rise of medical technocracy and how Covid is an act of stealth warfare against our nation. The corruption of the medical profession and why the coronavirus vaccines are dangerous bioweapons being deployed against the people. Dr. Merritt has taken two oaths: the Hippocratic Oath and the Oath to the Constitution as a Naval Officer. She is in this fight to support those two oaths.

Dr. Merritt studied bioweapons while serving as an orthopedic surgeon in the United States Navy for 9 years. And has been in the private practice of Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery since 1995, served on the Board of the Arizona Medical Association, and is past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. She is the author of Surviving the Medical Meltdown: Your Guide to Living Through The Disaster of Obamacare and also authored an informative paper for the Journal of American Physicians & Surgeons The treatment of viral diseases: Has the truth been suppressed for decades?

Join us as we talk in-depth about the history of masks, mRNA technology and effective treatments for viral disease, like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and vitamin D.

Dr. Merritt's website: https://drleemerritt.com/

Link to paper: https://www.jpands.org/vol25no3/merritt.pdf

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Here is the transcript:

Erica: Hello, and welcome to Objective Health. My name is Erica, and I am your host today. Joining me in our virtual studio are James and Damian behind the scenes, and we have a special guest today, Dr. Lee Merritt. Thank you for joining us, Dr. Lee Merritt. We really appreciate you being here.

I want to give a little bit of background for our listeners who may not be familiar with Dr. Merritt's work. Dr. Merritt graduated in 1980 from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in New York, and she is an elected for a life membership in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. She completed her orthopedic surgery residency in the United States Navy and served 9-years as a Navy physician and surgeon before returning to Rochester to become the only woman to be appointed as the Louis A. Goldstein Fellow of Spinal Surgery.

She has had a private practice in orthopedic and spinal surgery since 1995, and has served on the board of Arizona Medical Association and is president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. She has a long interest in wellness and fitness and has been fellowship certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. I wanted to add, at 63 she won a female bodybuilding championship - physical class - with the help of her friends and patience of her family.

Thank you! We really appreciate you being here. We will share your website so our listeners can check out the other videos you have. You have had videos on Dr. Mercola and you also wrote a book about Obama Care.

Lee: Yeah.

Erica: That sounds very interesting, called Surviving the Medical Meltdown. Did you think when you wrote that book that you would be surviving the medical meltdown that we are living through right now?

Lee: That's not a bad term for what we are living through right now. It's not what I expected, that's right. I expected it to be a political thing, but I think this is much more.

Erica: We wanted to start off with this, you said in your previous video on Mercola about this "medical technocracy" and how the pandemic made that possible. Could you share with our viewers what you mean by that. We hear so many different terms being bandied about these days about what's going on. I really appreciate your description of this.

Lee: Technocracy is actually a philosophy that became a movement in the 20's and 30's. Interestingly, for the Canadian viewers, the head of the technocracy movement in the 30's in Canada was Elon Musk's dad or grandfather - a little factoid. It became a movement.

The whole idea of a technocracy is this: all this "representative government" and the way we do the world today isn't very efficient and isn't very effective. We make mistakes, it's kind of messy, let's just engineer the solution. What we will do is we'll data-gather from the bottom up and we will feed it all up to boards instead of having elected presidents and representatives and things we will just have these boards of engineers.

In fact, in the 1920's it was called the revolt of the engineers. The idea was that the world has gotten so technologically sophisticated that we need technicians to figure things out and do the right thing. The idea is we'll data gathering, we'll send all the data up to these engineers on these boards and then they will just tell us what to do and everything will be so utopian and so nice.

Of course, it doesn't work that way. By the way if you study history, when I think of technocrats I always thought of Albert Speer, Ferdinand Porsche and Karl Brandt, the specialists in Nazi Germany that kept the Nazi regime running. That's where I first heard the term "technocrat". If you look at the basis of the word "technocrat" then "techno" is from the Greek for "skill" ["tekhne"] and "crat" is from "kratos" who is the great God of raw power.

So what a technocrat really does is exercise raw power over you and the way he does it is through differential knowledge. In other words, he knows things that you don't know. A perfect example in everyday life is a bookie. If you think about it, a bookie who knows the horse is lame can get you to bet on the horse because he is not going to tell you the horse is lame, right? He is going to know that. He might tell some of his friends so they all benefit.

What do we see with this Covid thing? We see that the big money guys have gotten richer and richer while all the rest of us have been hurting. They told their friends "this is what this is, this is what you do, here is how we are going to help you. We are going to hurt the rest of humanity in order to transfer this wealth." That is what a technocrat is, that is technocracy.

I have to cite Patrick Wood, he is an excellent researcher in this. He started out, years ago, looking at the Trilateral Commission. The Trilateral Commission is the interface in our world for this. This has been going on for a long time, it didn't start with Covid, it started years ago. Like I say, it took form in World War II by the Germans, but then by us.

That's what this is, and part of it is - it needs to be said, I think this is an important part at every level of government - no matter how smart these technocrats are it is not appropriate to have them take over our freedoms in the name of safety. That is exactly what is being done. We have got a new God that we worship and that is "being safe". People are willing, and it is just what Benjamin Franklin said about not giving up your liberty for a little bit of safety. That's where this is going.

To make people want to do that, you have to make fear. If you want my "big picture" on what is going on here this year - and I came about this over time, when I first heard people say that this is just a big psyop I said "no! This is a real virus, this is a real problem." At first, I thought it was much more deadly than it turned out to be, but that was just watching it. When it got into Lombardi it was killing doctors. I always say to people that there is a time to go to your basement: If doctors are dying and we can't solve the problem there's something really worrisome. There are bad pathogens out there, smallpox could kill 60% of the world in a matter of months. There is a time where masks, nothing else help in those things, but this isn't that.

This is not that. This is a psyop and it is a psychological operation using fear. They have gotten us to be afraid, then they have added confusion. The perfect master of confusion is Dr. Fauci. Then, when you add confusion and fear you get anxiety and people will do anything to become less anxious, including "if I just wash my hands 35 times a day and I wear six layers of masks and do whatever Dr. Fauci and the technocrats tell me then I will be safe." That is technocracy in a nutshell.

We need to resist it to our last breath, I am just telling you. In retrospect we should have seen this coming on. No one really figured it out. It was very snakey the way that they did it. My own little county of 14,000 - Harrison County, Iowa - has a mask mandate. We are not dying! People in the nursing homes were, they didn't need to but they were. I can't find many people that really went down with this outside of the nursing home, there were probably some. The point is, why do we have a mask mandate? Because suddenly we have a board of health with 10 people on it, including a lawyer from the neighboring state who has been rewarded with a new job in government. Those boards were created 10 years ago.

There's lots of this behind the scenes. I don't know about Canada, but in America I can trace this back and all these things got put into position for this a decade or so ago so that they could then go up the line and say things like "we need to put on masks". You have people that have the imprimatur of authority telling us what to do. It's a very devastating take-down of our world, I think.

Erica: With no end in sight with the mask mandates. I'm in North Carolina and I work in the fitness centre and they're making people wear masks in fitness centres. It is the most irresponsible, morally depraved thing to expect somebody to run on a treadmill with cotton over their face without negative consequences. I did read that Iowa opened up and that they are no longer requiring masks, is that right?

Lee: I don't think we ever really had a mask mandate. I give the governor credit for trying to keep this down. Politicians are afraid of going against the recommendations of these "experts" because they're not experts and what these experts do is subtly say "If you don't do this, you are going to have a lot of death on your hands. The blood is on your hands." That is a very hard thing. I get it. I get why politicians are afraid to say no to these experts, but they have got to. They have got to start looking at what the role of government is. She never really made a hard mandate and quite frankly in rural America, and I would say most places, no matter what happened most people just thumbed their nose at it and went on about their life. I was very proud of our local grocery store who said "We are simply not doing this." Good for them.

I see less and less people now wearing masks, but it isn't over. The fact that they're willing to censor. I found you guys, I love your site SOTT, and I found you because when I first started looking at the science of this - I'd worn a mask for 40 ears. I was an orthopedic spine surgeon and now I do general orthopaedics and I still wear a mask. I used to wear a mask a lot because I was in surgery a lot. Nobody before 2020 ever talked about masks containing small particle airborne viruses.

More people died of smallpox which is a 0.2 micron virus -- this [the Coronavirus] is a 0.1 to 0.12 micron -- more people died of smallpox in the 20th Century than in all the wars put together. If masks would have protected us don't you think we would have seen success by that? It did not matter. It doesn't matter.

What I have seen is when you go back in the literature, and I looked back, I found no studies before 2020 that pushed this idea. In fact, they showed how it didn't work. That's how I found you guys, through Dr. Denis Rancourt. He has an awesome article, but it was censored. Why would you censor a PhD in physics just writing about the physics of masks and reviewing the scientific literature? That has to be the real question here.

He has a beautiful article which you thankfully republished so I could get at it. But why censor him?! Well, in the military, in all the years I was in the Navy I was with Marine Aviation for the most part and I lived on Marine air bases off the runways. I still kind of miss those engines turning up, but never believed we'd come to this place, but this is what the Marine Aviators say: when you are catching flack you are over the target. So there's something that they don't want us to know about.

One of them is that masks don't work. Ask yourself, why is that happening? Well, to me it's happening because it's a symbol. Masks are a SYMBOL and I have just recently reviewed a book from a woman in New York City who points out the occult anti-Christian aspect of these masks. If you go back in history, masks are an occult symbol of submission. "I will shut up and I will obey." It's a symbol of transformation in the occult.

Not just the occult, it's a symbol of obedience to your masters in many societies. I live near Omaha. I don't want to tell exactly because now that I have been speaking out against big pharma I'm not sure I want them to know where I live. Omaha was where the roads were built. The UP railroad went out West from here.

We had lots of Chinese from mainland China come to work the railroads in those days, in the 1800's. The men came with a big braid down their back, but those were Han Chinese. They weren't Manchu, they were Han Chinese but they were wearing what's called the Manchu queue because the Han Dynasty had been conquered by the Manchu and the Manchu insisted, as a symbol of submission to the emperor, that they would wear that haircut on penalty of death, in China and without.

It was so important - just like they are censoring people like Dr. Rancourt today - it's so important that they would come and send their agents to America to assassinate, to kill Chinese men not wearing the queue because they did not want people to get away from that submission. That tells you of the power of symbols. We should not underestimate this.

I know that you can talk about all the science of masks that you want to and people won't listen. There are three levels of this, there are the people at the top like Dr. Fauci - whom I actually fell asleep in front of in a lecture of four people one time, that's my claim to fame. He knows better, he knows about this. Remember when he initially said "That's just for medical people." It hasn't even been shown to help medical people.

What it does is it helps in medicine when we do it because we are keeping splat off our face. It helps in Ebola virus because it's a big virus that's not airborne. It's not that masks don't work, but they don't work for small airborne viruses and he knows it. Or if he doesn't, he should have been fired summarily. He knows the literature, he's not dumb. Why are they saying this? Why does he change his mind all the time?

Erica: And now asks for more!

Lee: Right. Now he has changed his mind on that too.

James: Now we need two masks or three masks.

Lee: Yes, three or four. There's a meme out there with all these seven or eight masks out of his face. My favorite Fauci quote was when he said "It's so you keep your hand off your face." I'm sorry Dr. Fauci, I really don't want my government to force me to wear a mask on penalty of shutting down my business and fining me because you want to keep my hands off my face!" Think about that. That's the nonsense of the world we have gotten into.

I have stood up at the city council on Omaha trying to stop this because I will tell you, they don't want to listen to the data. They say they use science. They use propaganda. It isn't about counting papers. You can always make up a scientific paper, you can always make up the details, you can forge them, we have found them doing that.

You have got to really look at this yourself and ask what is the actual information here? Governments don't want to hear that they are in the tank for this. If you are being bought you are not going to listen to the science. People should understand, the average person should understand the devastating damage that this is doing to our children.

If for no other reason, here is what I tell people now when they ask about this: look, I can go through the science. You are probably not going to believe me if I do. You should ask yourself these questions, how many decades are we going to do this? Viruses are never going away, they're always with us. We have basically entered the age of viral warfare like we entered the nuclear age, we have to deal with it. Are you really going to deal with it by sitting in your basement wearing a mask, or driving in a car by yourself wearing a mask for decades?"

If you think there is no damage, I can tell you the damage from just wearing a mask personally to you and you can start seeing these pictures of these poor teenagers with all these acne outbreaks and all these horrible rashes on their face. But what's really damaging is to the children whose psycho-social development is being harmed. My friend who is a pediatric psychiatrist in LA says it is too late for some of these children, they are going to be permanently damaged.

We have a whole generation of children now who are living with this inchoate fear about the world around them, with an unrealistic and unreal appreciation of risk:benefit or scientific facts about this. Now, they don't know what to be afraid of. How does a 2-year old understand this?

The biggest metabolic cost to the human brain - just like there is metabolic use when you are skiing versus when you are walking - is looking at another human face, at all ages. That tells you the importance we put as a human being - what it is to be human - to look at another human face. What are we seeing? They are trying to take away our humanity by covering up the human face.

There is a Still Face Experiment, you can find it on YouTube. The Germans have published this. It is a German psychologist who has put this out. It shows what a little baby, a 1-year old infant, does when the mother stops using any emotion on her face. They had to stop these experiments after about one minute because the children just started screaming. They can't deal with their mother looking at them without expression, it's very anxiety provoking. That is what we are doing to our children.

I'll just close on the masks by saying this, and this was my last argument to the Omaha City Council, I said you don't get this then I can't help things. I'm the only medical doctor going there and speaking out against masks. Chiropractic is much more enlightened than we are and they are what we should have been as a medical profession. They are speaking out because they know what this is all about.

But I said to them, I have an office out in West Omaha, and I looked out my window where I have a daycare down the way. I used to see these happy little children holding hands, chatting going back on their little walks back to the daycare, and now when I looked out the window I saw these little 3 and 4-year olds with a mask on their face. Their head is bowed, they have got their hands behind their back, they are walking in a straight line one-by-one two and a half to three feet apart, they look like a miniature gulag parade, like a little prisoner parade in a gulag.

In fact that is what they have become. We live in a dystopian, horrible environment and we have to stop it now. End of story, that's my mask story in detail. I am so upset. That is why masks don't seem like much but they are the keystone, they're the symbol. They're the keystone in the arch of this whole psyop, this whole take-down against our humanity. That'll probably get us censored.

James: I was going to say, I think we can end the interview right there. [Laughter] How do I follow up with a question after that? One thing I was thinking of while you were speaking was that there were a lot of photos circulating on the internet of pictures of people during the 1918 flu pandemic wearing cloth face coverings and masks.

Lee: Right.

James: People used that as justification. "This is like the 1918 flu pandemic and they wore the masks back then and the masks helped back then." We know that that's not true, but I wondered if you could speak to that a little bit in case some of our viewers had some questions about that.

Lee: Well, here's what we do know. There has only been one study that I'm aware of and it was done in Vietnam in a hospital, and it was published in the British Medical Journal in 2018. It was looking at the role of masks, specifically cloth masks. There is another study that was actually done by the CDC that showed that masks do not help in transmission of influenza in the community.

So we have to look at two situations: masks in a controlled hospital environment versus masks in a community. In an operating room is one thing. You are not eating sandwiches in an operating room. You can do this for 4-8 hour stretches occasionally, but what we are talking about is a community problem. Nobody can keep their mask on all the time, it's that simple.

They did this study of nurses and doctors I think, but it was certainly nurses and other people in the hospital in Vietnam and it was published. It is the only controlled study I know of, of cloth masks. They looked at no masks, cloth masks, I think N95 masks and maybe the cheaper paper masks, I can't remember. My ears really picked up about the cloth masks because up until this whole thing took off I had never really seen cloth masks. Have you?

This is a new cottage industry, these cute little cloth masks. What they showed was that because it is a controlled environment they could tell how many people missed days of work because of respiratory infections, how many they got, they could culture them and they could do all sorts of things. What they found is that compared to no masks at all, the people wearing cloth masks got respiratory infections at six times that background rate. Six times!

It was published in the British Medical Journal. I think that is a really good study. You don't need a million studies, you need one that you have to argue away. Let's see somebody go do that again, fine. I'm willing to do that. The community study showed no difference in hand washing -- this was published in Emerging Infectious Diseases and it was a CDC-based journal -- on influenza in the community. It asked, during influenza season does masking, washing your hand or disinfecting your environment make a difference? It made no difference. We have seen the Denmark study which tried to look at masks and it didn't make a difference. My favorite is from the United States Marine Corp, of which I have some fondness after having been with them for many years, and this was in the New England Journal of Medicine - a good journal.

They put these guys in a barracks. It has been a while since I looked at the study but they were pre-screened to make sure they weren't sick, they had them isolated for a couple weeks before this, then they put them in the barracks. They did PFTs [Physical Fitness Tests], they did everything, and they wore masks except when they were eating or sleeping, they washed their hands per protocol, they disinfected their environment per protocol and guess what? It did not make a difference to the acquisition of Covid.

Now, that says something. Those guys were supervised! It was supervised by gunnery sergeants or more senior enlisted guys, so I know this was controlled. Trust me, Marine Corp barracks life with a supervising gunnery sergeant is the definition of control. You can't make this up, they don't care about the science, it's really that.

I think what the issue was in 1918 was that most of them actually died of bacterial pneumonia, they also died of other things. I had a friend that wrote a big book about this and I studied it. I happened to have the flu a few years ago and I spent my two weeks in bed that I was sick reading all about the flu and about the history of the flu and I found all sorts of interesting stuff.

William Welch, who was an army pathologist, came out from the armed forces just to do pathology and he did autopsies on these young men in Kansas who were dying during boot camp. That's where it all started out because they all came together. He determined that many of them died of this weird hemorrhagic pneumonia where they bled suddenly into their lungs. One day they were okay and then suddenly they couldn't catch their breath. When you did the pathology there was blood in there.

Well here's a contributing factor that they never tell you in the news, Bayer aspirin had lost its patent just before that. They had convinced the medical authorities, the medical technocrats, to push aspirin to bring down fever. Whenever you had a fever it helped to bring down fever. It actually doesn't. We should not do that for fever.

They thought it did, so in these diaries that they kept over this period of time you have these stories of doctors with these young men in these boot camps giving them handfuls of aspirin - by the handful! They really overdosed these guys on aspirin trying to bring down these temperatures of 102/103/104 degrees and they bled out because aspirin decreases your platelet stickiness.

They can say that it made a difference back then, it didn't. They just wore them. They wore them because they had this idea. Let me just tell you about science in general. When Dr. Lister, the father of aseptic surgery, first demonstrated carbolic acid as decreasing the risk of infection - which it really did, that was a true statement - his pupils took away from the fact that he always used weven layers of gauze, that was just his habit. They took away the fact that you HAD to use SEVEN layers of gauze or it wouldn't work.

This is the kind of myth sometimes of how medicine and science gets practiced. In 1918, we hadn't been wearing masks that long in medicine other than the old plague doctors and stuff. They put vinegar on their nose and stuff like that. I wouldn't believe anything about the masks back then, that's not what happened.

James: It sounds like they were wearing it for similar reasons that they are now which is that they were full of fear, hysterical and just looking for anything that would help.

Lee: They were looking for anything. What really made a difference back then was isolation -- not isolation beforehand. Again, we've taken wrong lessons away from 1918. The correct lesson to take away is that the people who survived were the people who had had the flu. They had been exposed and had had the flu.

In America, we hadn't had a flu epidemic in 30-years or something like that so it was the under-30 year olds that died. The people you wouldn't expect to, it was not just the old people, it was the under-30 year olds who had never had the flu and who didn't have their immune system cranked up. It was the Inuit that had wiped-out villages. The Alaskan and Canadian tribal people had rare visitors but they would have somebody come in with the mail who would bring in the virus and it would wipe out their whole village because they did not have any immune basis. In China, where they had actually had flu within three years of that, they didn't have that many deaths. In India, where they hadn't had flu for 30 years, they died so rapidly and so many they couldn't even burn them.

So the answer is, number one: if you want to avoid going down in a pandemic let yourself get sick once in a while. Don't think that you should avoid all disease. This is the problem with our general vaccination program. We have convinced ourselves that all disease is bad. No, childhood diseases are there for a reason; to expand and harden up your immune system, just like you build muscle in a gym. You can't do it by sitting at home worrying about not having any no muscle. So build up your immune system ahead of time.

But then, if you see healthy people dying from something you can't explain, the only thing that is going to make a difference if it is airborne, is complete isolation. In my county I have friends whose grandparents remember the 1918 pandemic and they were told "don't go to church". In those days we were very rural, agrarian people. We didn't have cars. You couldn't just go into town every once in a while, you had to take a horse and buggy so you only went in on Sunday for church lots of the time.

They just didn't go, and those people survived. My friend's grandfather's neighbor -- they had farms which were next to each other -- and one day the cows came over and were mooing on the fence and they wondered what was going on. His neighbor had gone to church and he went over to check why they hadn't fed the cows, and everybody was dead on the floor in the house.

James: Wow!

Lee: So isolation does make a difference. One of the reasons to also reject masks right now is that it's a false sense of security. It's not going to protect you if the real bad ones come around, it's not. It's as simple as that. Not against small airborne viruses. It might protect against Ebola, I agree, but not against these. That's all I know about 1918.

James: Thanks. You mentioned in one of your lectures that season respiratory illnesses decline naturally in the summer, at least in part because of increased humidity in the air. Do you think it has to be an environmental humidity, or could it be humidifiers in the house or in a clinic? Would that be helpful?

Lee: Yes. Again, that is another thing they say. They never tell us what really makes a difference and this is really good science. There is a guy named Jeffrey Shaman who literally looked at 30 years of weather data, and he also looked at confounding variables like school closures, and he showed that the number one predictor of flu outbreak -- or what we call flu, it's actually influenza-like illness; it's the viral season -- is two weeks after the big drop of absolute humidity first happens in the winter.

He looked at everything else, temperature included. Temperature may make a difference in the sense that your bump-up in death rates, your absolute number of deaths, may be less in Sub-Saharan Africa or in Arizona than it is in Manitoba, because it's warmer. The bump still happens at the same time as when the humidity first drops. Again, one of the false narratives, the false understanding of the science here is that somehow we spread viruses by me coughing on you. That's not how these things spread.

This is where I think Denis Rancourt's article is so wonderful, because he points out that when you are breathing what happens is -- we known this, this is the way I learned it in medical school years ago before all the politics got involved -- that when you are first sick and are symptomatic with a virus, the viruses start coming out in your breath as tiny little single and double nuclei virions, little tiny particles that float around in the air.

Dr. Rancourt describes it like this is that they become part of air fluidity. Just in case he listens to this or you have a chance to talk to him, this is hysterical,I have got to make this point. I went out to the big rally in DC on January 6th and the day before on January 5th I was there for the Freedom Rally and I had my American Front Line Doctor's coat on and people would come up to me and I ended up having this little impromptu crowd. They were asking me about the vaccine and everything.

I was telling them this myth I am telling you and I said that viruses are part of air fluidity, so they're around us all the time. Before I got to the term air fluidity I said "You don't cough and make people sick, viruses come out and...." and before I could say it, this kid next to me, this 25 or 30-year old kid says "They're part of air fluidity." I looked at him and I said "You must have read Denis Rancourt's article." {laughter} He said, "No I listened to your lecture!" These words are getting around. {laughter} So 'it's part of air fluidity. Think about being in a fish bowl and these little viruses are now in the cold weather. They are floating around because we don't have any humidity. What humidity does is drop those things out. They cause them to clump together and get big enough to fall out by gravity.

The other thing is, what can we do? Yes, we can affect this. Why else do we get sick? Well, we are in an enclosed environment in a building. You go to work and you are recirculating air in these big highrises in many buildings and also in your house. The other day it was 24 below zero and my furnace fan didn't work and I was all bundled up for a couple of days. You're recirculating air, you're not opening up the windows and you are not getting fresh air in.

You can put a HEPA filter on your circulate air that helps take out the viruses. You can humidify the environment in your house, sure. Ultraviolet lights take out viruses. There are lots of things you can do. I remember your grandparents didn't have these fancy humidifiers but they always put a pot of water on the furnace during the winter. It makes a difference. There are things we can do to benefit this.

Personally, the biggest thing you can do is keep your immune system up by not having deficiencies. There are certain things that humans are deficient in and vitamin D is the big one. The farther north you go, the worse it is; even in Yuma, Arizona where I used to live. Yuma, Arizona is the sunniest city in the world, or in the nation, maybe in the world. Anyway, it's sunny all year. It has got 18 full-size golf courses and a lot more. I had a patient who played golf, 18-holes a day, 6 days a week, whose vitamin D level was 20ng/mL. That's in the death range for this virus. It turned out that the Indonesians looked at this and if your D rate is below 30 then you are at risk. If you are above 30 then your chance of ending up in the ICU or dead is less than 4%. Vitamin D is a huge issue.

Zinc is a huge issue. So is quercetin. Dr. Peter McCaul is pushing quercetin for this. Selenium, I like selenium with iodine. That's what I have in my office. Vitamin C actually does work. Again, the drug companies have pooh-poohed all these things. The Institute of Medicine in our country said "You stupid Americans don't need more than 400mg a day of vitamin D."

Let me tell you as an orthopedic surgeon, I see adult rickets all the time. Adult rickets! It's not recognized because it doesn't look like childhood rickets, but we can see it on x-ray, and as a spine surgeon you see it in spines. If you know what you are looking at you can tell what this is, and it's people that have never supplemented with vitamin D and they have soft abnormal bone. It's not that they don't have enough bone, we call it osteoporosis but that's not true. They have soft, abnormal bone. For the Institute of Medicine to say that is completely wrong, and it's just criminal behavior.

In Scotland they actually hand out vitamin D and so I take 10,000 units a day. Nobody has overdosed on that if you are not on dialysis. Get at least 5,000. Orthodox medicine at least talks about 5,000. Those are the things that you can do. There are lots of things that we can do to decrease our death risk.

James: It is interesting that you brought up Scotland. There was a study which I think was done in Ireland and we published it on SOTT last year. They looked at vitamin D levels throughout Europe and the case fatality rates early on in the pandemic. It's a little bit counterintuitive because the northern European countries actually have higher vitamin D levels because they are more likely to supplement the food than southern Europe.

Lee: Right. They supplement.

James: In countries like Spain, Italy and Southern France where they had higher death rates initially, people actually tend to have lower vitamin D levels than they do in Scandinavia or Scotland.

Lee: I suspected that, but I didn't know about that study but that's true. People think that they are getting it from the sun. It's like around here, I have seen farmers with this because they never took vitamin D because they thought that they were getting it by being farmers and by being outside.

James: If they spend most of their time in the cab of their tractor with the windows up then the UVB that stimulates vitamin D production is not getting through the glass. People wear their shirts and hats and even for somebody as fair skinned as I am, it's almost impossible to get enough sun in the modern lifestyle.

Lee: What you said also explains one of the risk factors for dying of Covid, it's being black. Black people in the northern climate are designed for the equator where that protects them from getting too much sunburn. They get 30,000 to 40,000 units a day from the sun if you are on the equator and that just normalizes it to a level that's good for them, but up here it is a disadvantage.

It also explains obese people. Vitamin D apparently isn't bioavailable in obese people. I have always said it is because it is a fat-soluble vitamin. Obesity is a big risk factor for this too. That's a lot about D, if you are going to do one thing to mitigate this then that's probably it. The Japanese knew this years ago. I remember reading about it more than a decade ago in a paper where the Japanese looked at it in school children. It was the flu vaccine versus the vitamin D level, and it turned out your vitamin D level was more protective against the flu.

Erica: That's fascinating.

James: You can't patent vitamin D I guess. {Laughter}

Lee: That's the problem isn't it?

James: Since we are talking about vitamin D versus vaccines, I wonder if you could tell us a little bit about the vaccines and what you think about the mRNA technology? I don't know if we want to go down that road or not.

Lee: I can talk about it and I can tell you a little, because only a little is known. As a physician, I am shocked about people's willingness to take this when they don't know what it is and your doctor doesn't know. Let me tell you, doctors that are pushing this? I defy most doctors to tell me: how does it work? What is it? What's in it? Tell me what's in it. I have made a month-long study of trying to figure out what's in it and I'm going to tell you, you can't do it. I can read the label, I can tell you what they say is in it. The funny thing is, if one of you were wanted by the police and I wanted to put out a wanted poster I would put your picture on it, right? I would make it obvious.

I wouldn't put out that there is a combination of haemoglobin and calcium and nucleic acids and blah, blah, blah; all the things that are in a human body. I wouldn't put out a laundry list like that and expect anybody to be able to find you. That's essentially what they have done on this. They've put out this long complicated thing. What they know is that it's a three dimensional lipid particle, it's this Matrix-M that's the adjuvant in this. You can't figure it out from the way they write it. I just want to say that.

So what is this vaccine? People are willing to take it when they don't know what's in it, they don't know how it works, they don't know the difficulty of development. It has never worked in animals before. The animal testing was never positively shown to be good, in fact animals died. They could never make it into a drug.

They tried to make this into a drug, they could not do it because drugs have safety standards. But when you are completely indemnified then the safety bar goes way down and so they did make it into this. It's not a vaccine by any definition that we understand a vaccine, which is supposed to stop transmission. The Pfizer application, which I'm most familiar with, to the FDA, which I am most familiar with, doesn't say that this thing stops transmission, it doesn't stop transmission. You can still get Covid

The best claim is that if you get Covid then your symptoms will be slightly less. When this was first rolled out into the distribution centres, they didn't even have FDA approval. What does that say? I'm not a big FDA fan, but they at least used to make a show, the pharmaceutical companies used to make a show of caring.

Now, I think they have come out and they have acknowledged the fact that the FDA does what they say and they know they're not going to get a denial, no matter what because they own the FDA. They provide most of the funding for the FDA. The FDA is like a private firm. Big rotating door between the FDA and pharma. The regulators go on or come from jobs in pharma so they are regulating themselves. It's an auto-regulatory system. The bottom line here is that we do NOT have any track record of this.

Even those people out there that might be tempted to take the vaccine, my plea to you is to just wait a while. Do you want to be the first person in an experimental moon base? Do you want to be the first person in a rocket ship? There are people that volunteer for that. That's how we got the space program because there were some brave guys that were willing to be the first guy on that rocket. The majority of pilots asked to do that said no by the way, I know about that. {laughter}

So that's the point, there is no rush! This is a disease that overall, when you looked at the viral season last year, has a worldwide survival of 99.991%. In 2018, the viral season survival was 99.992%. What's the big difference here? Where's the pandemic? I heard a term from the American Thinker, it was called "This isn't a pandemic, this is a flu d'état." I liked that one. Even better than pandemic.

You don't have that much risk of dying. Even in New York State which I found was the worst place in the world it had a .17% death per capita last year -- that was from January to August in all fairness -- versus Nigeria that was a .00004% death rate. Now, let's look at this if you really want to understand what's really going on here with this so-called vaccine.

What Pfizer requested was an emergency use authorization, an EUA, for an unapproved experimental product. Let's just call it what it is, it's not a vaccine, this is an unapproved experimental genetic therapy of some sort which is poorly characterized by even the doctors that should be able to read this. This is complexification, they have made it so complex that you can't figure out what's going on here. They should be able to tell you in real words what this does somewhere and I can't find it. Maybe it's out there. One point nine million school children in Sweden went through the whole year - unlike your children in Canada and our children in America - without missing a day in school. They weren't traumatized by masks and they weren't social distanced. That's a misnomer, right? That's newspeak right out of George Orwell's 1984.

James: Oh yeah.

Lee: There's nothing social about distancing from your fellow man, it's a-social, anti-social distancing. They didn't die, not one death in Sweden. 1.9 million students, and their teachers didn't get sick at any higher rate. In Oxford, England they said school children are less apt to die from Covid than from lightning strike. Yet, AstraZeneca is now starting to vaccinate children down to 7-years old with a product that has never been tested on children. Parents, are they really going to line their children up for this?

In my opinion, we have moved over from any possible philosophical argument for the health of our world to a crime against humanity. I can't say this any other way. I can tell you that this vaccine technology is totally different. In the old days, the vaccine technology was that we gave you a weakened piece of the germ that you want to be protected against, it goes into your body, and your body's immune system sees it in a protected environment. It's kind of like learning to box with big pads on, so when you get in a real fight you can maybe knock the guy out quickly and not get hurt.

It's your immune system which learns what this thing looks like and it memorizes it for your lifetime - not for your lifetime with vaccines usually but in the real world, when a virus comes in you get lifetime immunity, but vaccines at least give you some immunity so next time you see it you can wipe it out without getting sick. That's the philosophy.

What this is doing is not giving you a weakened part of the germ, we think. We don't think it's weakened. RNA is the manufacturing blueprint to make proteins in the body and presumably they are giving you a created, man-made, lab-created little snippet of RNA. We can reverse engineer RNA from these viruses and give you something that produces the part of Coronavirus that has become the deadly part, the spike protein.

Now, we don't know if it is all or part of the spike protein. If you look at the Pfizer authorization request it tells you that this is a piece of RNA that codes for the spike protein? But is it the whole thing? Is it the really deadly spike protein version that was made in a lab, or is it the wild spike protein version? Again, we don't know. What's happening is that it's being made in your cells in your body.

Don't think it just sits in your arm, because this RNA is coded in such a way with this lipid -- it's called the matrix. That's the name of the adjuvant, don't you love it? It's coated with this self-organizing lipid nanoparticle that will allow it to go through lipid membranes which means it can go all over. If you read the documents about this type of lipid wrap of this RNA, it's says that with using this technology you can make your RNA organ-specific. So it must go all over.

That's my interpretation. If I am wrong then I would love to be corrected, but that's my interpretation. My friends have really looked at it and they have said the same thing. I think this goes all over. Think about it, it makes the spike protein in the cells of your body. I think that's one of the reasons we are seeing old people die starting a week after the vaccine. They get the vaccine and then they're just overwhelmed by the pathogen. Their immune systems are not good so they can't fight it off. It's not worth the risk in those people, even though they say they're the most vulnerable.

Children don't need it. Any risk in children is too much. When you are looking at risk versus benefit, the benefit is zero and the risk is something. It cannot be justified. It turns out that the risk in old people is that you are getting more problems than they would be if they were treated in prophylac. But even so, France has decided not to vaccinate over 65-year olds because they're seeing too many problems. That's already happening.

The real problem with this vaccine, this non-vaccine, this experimental agent, if you go back in time and look how this was developed in animal studies the animals didn't die of the direct installation of the genetic vaccine in the body. What they died of what's called immune enhancement, or antibody-dependent enhancement, or pathogenic priming. They are all terms that say something happens the second time the animal is exposed to this virus or a similar virus.

Cats do get sick with Coronavirus. You and I would basically get a cold, if anything. Standard non-manipulated Coronaviruses aren't deadly at all, but they damage cats so they were doing vet research. I used to find this research until it has been censored and scrubbed off the internet now. But I went back when I didn't think I was going to have to document everything, but I went back and did find this. It's hard to find now but I have still pulled some stuff up.

What happened was they trialed it in a vaccine with cats, and it didn't kill the cats when they gave them the vaccine. Then, when they challenged the cats with the Coronavirus the cat's body put out this stylized antibody that actually coded the virus, the virus came in like a trojan horse and it overwhelmed the cat with sepsis, the infection of the virus then, they died of cardiac failure and infection.

They tried later after SARS, they tried it again on cats and maybe mice or rabbits...

James: And ferrets.

Lee: ...and it didn't work. MERS they did ferrets. It has never succeeded in getting through animal testing because of that problem. It's a problem not just with the technology, but with the kind of virus we are dealing with. With Zika virus it is a problem, Coronavirus, adenovirus, rhinovirus, these small-particle type viruses. So it's certain families of viruses. That's a big problem, which means you could take the vaccine and be okay for a while until the next evolution of this thing comes out.

Here's the problem. One of the issues, by the way, with children taking vaccines is the heavy metal accumulation. At least we can do things, there are things you can do to get that heavy metal out of the body. If that's a problem then we have some solutions. But this is a genetic therapy that you are probably having for the rest of your life. Whatever it is doing to you, which is still a little unclear, how it intercalates into your own genetic make-up -- they say it doesn't, but I don't know how it can last around if it doesn't. They say it doesn't. If it does, you're done, it's over, you have it forever. You cannot go back on that.

We know that when retroviruses get into humans, and every once in a while these things will jump into humans, they become part of your genome, you then pass it down to your children's genome. That's why in our human genome, we have little snippets of viruses in there.

I'll tell you the biggest scary thing, it's what Wolfgang Wodarg and Micheal Yeadon who is the former Senior Science Advisor for Pfizer have done. They have sued the EMA (European Medical Association) for stopping this. The reason that they are worried about this is that the spike protein in this Coronavirus has similar proteins to the woman's placenta and to the man's sperm. This could be a huge crime against humanity causing sterilisation of a whole generation, or two or three or whatever, of us.

It may forever decrease. If it gets into your genome, think about it, you could pass this down to your kids so that when your daughter has a pregnancy they lose it. That's been seen in nature sometimes with the Zika virus. There is probably this happening where the virus caused inflammation in the placenta, because the body's reaction to the antibody of the virus reacted in the placenta, and they lost the baby. Normal baby, normal mother, inflammation in the placenta. There is a real reason to be concerned about this.

Erica: I'd say.

Lee: It's just amazing, you can just go on and on. My point is: why are we doing it? Regardless of all the technology and the details, why take this risk for something that we have a treatment for?!

Here's the other biggest lie, and I'm glad you are interested in my article because I wrote this article on hydroxychloroquine. This is what's gotten me here. I was sitting home as an unemployed surgeon because they shut down elective surgery and I don't do trauma anymore. I was sitting home for months going broke and I was thinking 'what is going on here?' I started hearing about hydroxychloroquine. I was communicating with doctors all over the world along with a friend of mine who trained in India, and independently a bunch of us found this literature on chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine against viruses. This was long before Trump mentioned it.

When he mentioned it we thought "Hey, we have a possible treatment for this. The Chinese are using it, the Koreans are using it, it seems to be working, let's use it." Protocols started coming out, and then the minute Trump mentioned it we got all this backlash. I thought "What's going on? Really?! They are willing to let people die because 'orange man bad'? Is that really where we are?!"

But it was more than that, because what I've found is a paper that said "chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of influenza A in vitro" meaning we could have been treating flu for all these years. These papers go back 40 years. My entire life in medicine has been one lie, and maybe not only one. That's what blew my mind open, I said "If they have lied about this, what else have they lied about?"

This is a huge lie, this is like suddenly being told the world is flat if you are an astronomer. "It's all a sham, we just make it up in a theatre." I mean, that's the kind of thing that this feels like. I asked my son who is a physician and who is more recent "Did they ever tell you this? You're not completely out of training, did you ever hear that you could treat viruses with these antimicrobial agents?" No.

I asked my friend who has been a senior professor of medicine for 40-years in a major university and he had never heard of it. So this is a huge cover up at very high levels. What's the point? It can't be about Trump because this happened long before Trump. It could be about protecting your vaccine industry. But let's keep in mind that vaccines weren't profitable and this wasn't a big deal until the early 90's. What it does do is keep you from being threatened. You can't threaten a population with wild man-made viruses, there is no bioweapons-terrorism with these viruses if you have a treatment in your back pocket. I think that's it. It's not just hydroxychloroquine, it's Ivermectin and a lot of these things.

Since hydroxychloroquine is the one that so many people have on their lips, that's the one that they are really trying to take away, including "accidentally" burning down - you can say it's accidental - but we had that Taiwanese second-biggest hydroxychloroquine plant just now accidentally burn down. Keep in mind, that's not isolated. There were two precursor plants, one in Mexico and one in Illinois that burned down almost simultaneously last year. Really?! Are we going to start believing those coincidences? I just don't believe in those coincidences.

They really, really, really, really don't want you to have treatment, and they really, really, really, really want you to have the vaccine. That is the bottom line here. Then we can talk about motive and you can ask yourself why, but that is really the point. I don't trust these guys because of what I have seen previously. These guys being big pharma by the way, I don't think that they're the ultimate enemy here though.

I think we are at war by the way. I think this is the biowar part of a multilevel, a-typical, unrestricted warfare against us; primarily in the US, but probably against Western civilisation. We are the first ones that they are attacking because they couldn't take us down with standard military techniques. Nobody is going to come over and take on the US military. We are far away from China or Russia.

We fought our revolution with long supply lines so we know that the British couldn't beat us partially because of long supply lines and this was our soil. If you put together all the armed people that are hunters in Minnesota, it would constitute the fifth largest standing army in the world. It would be tough to come over here conventionally. At some point we are going to stand up for our land.

Erica: It is interesting that you say that too because America does seem to be the guinea pig of all of these kinds of crazy ideas that you have been talking about. They are radically embracing it and shaming people who don't wear a mask and who question the vaccine. I wanted to mention something about the Ivermectin, because I didn't really know much about it but I have been using it for years for my dogs for heartworm and parasites. I watched a testimony by Dr Pierre Kory at the Homeland Security Community Meeting and I was just blown away. I tried to share it about a week ago and they have taken it off the internet.

Lee: Again, why if there is something that we know helps save lives? This guy is a big ICU doctor! I can tell you from my own experience treating patients with it, it's over! If you catch it early and you give [lost audio] quite dramatic. Why would you not want people to do that? What could be the motive? If people want to say that this is all conspiracy theory then you explain to me what the motive is.

My contention still is that warfare has evolved over generations and now we are in an area where it is not just like ISIS where we know they are a standing army by the Geneva Convention's doctrine of what constitutes a standing army. We are not 100% sure who is funding them and what is causing it so you can have some plausible deniability about who the enemy is that is taking you on. But here we have a situation where not only do we not know the enemy completely, most people don't even know that we are at war.

Most people are still just thinking that this is a virus, but I think there is a lot to be said. When you look at all the facts from the masks to the falsehood about hydroxychloroquine to trying to stop the information about anything that helps, why would you do that? I have a lot of very smart friends who are doctors who keep scratching their heads and going "Why doesn't this make sense?" Well it makes sense in one situation, when it is a purposeful take-down of our society. That's something we have got to come around to.

James: I agree. I think that's what's so heartbreaking and mind-blowing for those of us who have been reading about things like the technocracy and thinking about it in this way. It seems like most people are not ready to face the reality that this not only could be, but most likely is just what you are talking about, a coordinated attack. I don't know. I'm sure you're the same way where there are so many people that you try to have a conversation with and ask questions and they just can't even go there.

Lee: If it had been 1955 they would have gone there. I will just make the point that ever since we have been using TV and movies we have been slowly becoming accustomed to accepting certain things in our world. For example, "Don't question the pharmaceutical companies with their vaccines. We know vaccines work." There's a narrative here.

Honestly, my world view has completely changed this last year. It wasn't just about the hydroxychloroquine, that was just the little crack in the door of my brain. I used to think propaganda was something like Joseph Goebbels standing up there and telling you the big lie, but that most of the world that you saw was reality. I have come the other way around where we live in an information matrix which has been crafted to us so we accept certain things.

Think about the vaccination. First we went from a country that didn't vaccinate except by people wanting to get the smallpox and polio vaccine when their children were getting sick and they knew the risk of smallpox and were happy to take that vaccine. They didn't have to put a gun to their head. That's okay, that's the way it should be done.

Then, we went to a slow insinuating into the country about taking vaccines because it will help against measles; we had a certain narrative there. It wasn't mandatory. Then, it slowly went to mandating all these children's vaccines and it went from three in my children's lifetime to 70 now in the children of today. We are the most vaccinated country in the world in the US.

Then, we had to mandate nurses to get vaccines to work in hospitals. Then, it was first responders, the EMTs and the police and everybody has now got to get their flu vaccine. You see the subtle and slow march. I had people say "They can't mandate me to take this vaccine, I don't want it" and I said "It's too late for that, buddy. You let your children be mandated. You let the nurses be mandated, and now they are coming for you." I told them years ago "Don't think these mandates are going to stop with children. You guys can ignore it because it's not you, but it's going to be you." And now here we are.

They've set us up for this is what I am saying. This take-down is not a short term thing and you have got to look at who benefits. Somebody needs to write this book, who benefits? It's a long term take-down. I have to say in all honesty I think we are going to win. I still believe in Americans. If I don't believe in the government of America, I do believe Americans have a history of taming the plains, of being independent, of having a spirit of not submitting to tyrants.

Ultimately, people are going to wake up. They are waking up. If you looked at the millions of people at that march on January 6th, it's not just about Democrats or Republicans any more. It's about our liberty. I heard people say over and over that politics as usual is dead. This is about patriots and traitors and let's take back our country. This is part of it, we have got to take back our country.

I hope Canada does the same thing. It worries me that Trudeau allowed the Chinese to come in and actually do wargames and train on the indigenous lands during this, and during the lockdown they were able to move troops around. Think about that. This isn't just a psy-op. There's a possible kinetic part of this warfare that may certainly be upon us and I don't want to see that, I don't want to see shooting. We've got things positioned, I think. I think there is an underlying deal going on. Biowarfare is for sure.

Erica: The knowledge that you are sharing in this show is an inoculation against that biowarfare in many ways. I can imagine how much more challenging that must be knowing what you know and not just wanting to shake people. "You've got to see this is not for your benefit and wellbeing!"

Had it not been for SOTT for the last 15 years I wouldn't have any idea how to navigate through all the propaganda and information that you are just inundated with. I do think people become exhausted, like I said in the beginning of the show "I'll just do what I'm told because I want to get on this flight to see my grandchildren."

Lee: That's it! That is what they have gotten us to. They did it through fear. Keep in mind that this started out by just making us afraid. In one of my talks, the one about SARS-CoV-2 and the Rise of Medical Technocracy I show a picture of a sheepdog and a sheep. If you think about it, sheep dogs are trained to not bite the sheep. There is a term for if they start biting sheep, and you have got to do something about it. The sheep don't have the knowledge They're too stupid. They don't realize that fact so the dog doesn't push them into the pen, they push themselves into the pen.

That's what's happened in America. Think about where our liberty's gone in 4-6 months last year. We were willing to sit in our house, which to a certain degree, there are bad things like when it was coming across Lombardi. That may have made some sense at first although I thought it was just public transportation we should stop. In any case, we did that for a short period of time.

But then it became a longer period of time and then it became that we are going to shut down businesses. Then we're willing to say that a county health commissioner who is not even a physician can tell the city council to shut down businesses and force mask wearing. That word is the word from on high somehow. That's what is happening around the world and I think at some point we have to recognize this for what it is.

Again, the treatment is knowledge. The antidote for all this is knowledge. Sheep are not smart enough to get that knowledge but people are and I do believe we're waking up. I heard, and I don't know if you have, on telegram and the various places you can actually get real news, that on March 1st it is a reclaim our world type day. Getting rid of all the Covid restrictions. I can't remember what they call it but it's like, "Send this out to everybody, tell everybody on March 1st to just get on with our lives."

I tell people a lot that if you want the pandemic to go away then turn off your television, stop wearing a mask, turn up your business, hug your relatives, go see the elderly in the nursing homes, and don't accept this any more.

Erica: I agree. That's all we can do, be the change. I'm with you, I'm optimistic.

Lee: I think it's going to happen.

Erica: We have to be, we have children, we have a future. We can't live like this is the end, but we do need to document it. You have done a phenomenal job of doing that and we really appreciate you coming on here. For our listeners that are interested they can find you at drleemerritt.com. We have some great videos that we shared in the beginning. James, was there anything else that you wanted to add?

James: I can't think of anything else, we covered a lot of ground. I would love to speak with you again sometime Dr Merritt, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Lee: Thank you, I hope we can speak when we have come out of this.

Erica: Yes.

Lee: When we can look back on this, I hope.

James: Hopefully everyone will wake up to the fact that the emperor has no clothes soon. I feel like we are in that fairy tale and some of us have been looking at this naked emperor all this time.

Lee: Maybe that should be your new meme, the emperor has no clothes.

James: For sure.

Erica: Thank you so much.

Lee: Thanks again, thanks for all you guys do.

Erica: We appreciate you and we appreciate all of our listeners for tuning in and we hope to have some links at the end of this show for you to find out more about Dr. Lee Merritt's work and her book and all the articles that she is going to be writing in the future to help inform us all. Thank you all for listening.