Biden Syria
Within 24 hours of his swearing-in ceremony, Joe Biden invaded Syria with a convoy of US troops and choppers carrying 200 more soldiers.

BizPac Review reported:
A large convoy of U.S. military personnel headed into Syria on Thursday along with hundreds of troops some 24 hours after President Joe Biden took office and took on his commander-in-chief role, foreign media reported.

Citing Syrian state news agency SANA, i24 News reported that a convoy of about 40 trucks and armored vehicles "entered northeastern Syria" on Thursday supported by helicopters.

And while "other local media" noted that such resupply convoys are not uncommon, SANA's report added that an additional 200 U.S. troops were choppered into the Hasakeh province as well.

The report claimed that the additional troops will deploy to protect nearby oilfields on land that buttresses Kurdish-controlled territory in eastern Syria that is also said to be rich in energy resources.
The Syrian government called on the immediate withdrawal of US forces in their country.

MSN reported:
"The new U.S. administration must stop acts of aggression and occupation, plundering the wealth of my country, withdraw its occupying forces from it, and stop supporting separatist militias, illegal entities, and attempts to threaten Syria's sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity," Jaafari said.

Syria's unrest began amid mass protests across the Arab World that erupted a decade ago, devolving into conflict between security forces and rebels. Biden, then serving as vice president under President Barack Obama, backed calls for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down at the time, as the U.S. and regional partners offered support for the opposition, accusing the Syrian leader of human rights abuses.