Jose Omar de Oliveria was out in the countryside in Minduri in Brazil, where he works as a councillor, was he was struck by a bolt from the skies.

Somewhat miraculously, Oliveria was unharmed by the shock but it did ruin his flip flops.

In the clip, which Oliveria filmed on his mobile phone, he can be heard to say: "It's God's nature. I'll tell you. Look, clear skies.

"Over there it's starting (to rain). Clear skies, it's sunny, look for yourself to see how Minduriis."

He then managed to capture the moment he was hit by lightning and his screams can be heard.

Speaking to local media about his close call, Oliveria said: "Being able to talk to you is a miracle from God.

"I didn't die because it wasn't my time."

He continued: "I believe God has many good things in store for me because I'm a miracle. The video serves to show two things: that God is the greatest of all and that nature is very powerful."

Oliveira, who also works as a farmer, was taking part in a radio programme before he was struck by the bolt.

"My friend and I were on air when I left the studio," he explained.

"I saw it was sunny in one part of town and raining in the other."

Oliveria fell to the ground after being hit and he immediately started to look for a place he could dash to protect himself.

He said: "I got up screaming in fear and I got inside the car with my friend. After my adrenaline rush, I wondered if my mobile phone had exploded and I saw the video showing the moment."

He then joked: "There were many political enemies who cheered the bolt, but it didn't work out."

Local meteorologist Ruibran dos Reis told local media that roughly 100 people are killed every year by lightning strikes in Brazil.

He advised: "Never be exposed in an open area when you can see rain nearby. If you're in an open area, crouch and bring your feet close together."