Fireball over Yushu City
© Weibo
This shot of the meteor was taken from a plane.
A suspected low-flying meteor has lit up the sky in northwestern China's Yushu City on December 23.

Video from the event in the city in China's Qinghai Province showed a bright fireball streaking across and lighting the dark sky.

According to reports, the fireball was probably a bolide and it might have dropped several meteorite fragments somewhere in the area.

A bolide is a very bright meteor.

Chinese social media reported users as saying there was a series of large bangs as the meteor apparently made its way to Earth.

China's Earthquake Networks Centre said through its social media account that a suspected bolide landed near the border between Nangqian County and Yusu County at 7.25am, but no one was injured.

The meteor was also spotted by passengers on a plane travelling from Xi'an to Lhasa as it streaked through the sky.