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The explosive book is due out on Tuesday.
Prince Andrew is accused of attended a topless photo shoot with a teen sex trafficking victim and seven or eight Russian women at Jeffrey Epstein's Virgin Islands hideaway, in a bombshell new book.

The Duke of York also faces allegations that he was given oral sex by accuser Virginia Giuffre in front of a six foot lesbian oil painting of the then-teen and under the watch of Ghislaine Maxwell, the book claims.

The new allegations are made in The Spider - an in-depth investigation into Epstein, Maxwell and those caught up in their " web" by Barry Levine, published tomorrow.

The Sun has exclusively obtained an early copy of the highly anticipated book and can reveal how Prince Andrew allegedly went to Little St James island in 2002 where he sat with Epstein and watched as Virginia and seven or eight Russian girls - brought by a modeling agent - were having a topless photo shoot.

"We were topless and he [Epstein] had us in sexual positions ...when I walked in Andrew and Jeffrey were seated in chairs 'Why don't you girls start kissing and have some fun?' Jeffrey and the prince were just sitting back laughing," Virginia is quoted as saying in the book.

A source close Prince Andrew has branded the new allegations as "unsubstantiated and lurid" made up to sell books.

A year earlier, shortly after Virginia's infamous night with the Duke of York in London where she accuses him of having sex with her at Maxwell's home, she was allegedly "summoned" to New York by Epstein to meet the royal again, according to the book.

Maxwell allegedly placed Virginia on Andrew's knee alongside another accuser Johanna Sjoberg, a college student who worked as Maxwell's assistant.

"This time their sexual encounter took place in Epstein's massage room and in the presence of Ghislaine Maxwell," the book claims.

Andrew was grinning like "a kid going to Disney World" Virginia claimed before the encounter - after being given a big blow up toy of his Spitting Image character from Maxwell, according to the book.

Virginia was told by Maxwell to take him to the massage room where she gave him a rub down in front of a six foot oil painting depicting her in a sexual position with another girl, the book claims.

"Andrew couldn't have missed it," Virginia said, according to an account by Sharon Churcher, the first reporter to interview her, cited in the book. "I was so embarrassed."

The massage allegedly ended with Virginia giving the royal oral sex while classical music played in the background. Prince Andrew has always vehemently denied any wrongdoing and having any sexual contact with her.

A number of Special Operations 14 - the armed squad that protects the royal family, DSS agents (Diplomatic Security Special agents) and plain clothes members of the NYPD accompanied the prince to Epstein's New York mansion, the book claims.

In other never before published revelations, it's claimed Epstein would love to watch Virginia get strangled by other women wearing leather studded collars and would dress her up as a German maid, a school girl or wearing thigh high boots for raunchy sex with Maxwell, according to the book.

Virginia apparently had to treat Epstein like he was a four-year-old child, washing behind his ears, between his toes and even dressing him.

During Virginia's first encounter with Epstein, Maxwell, currently in prison on sex trafficking charges, reportedly ordered Virginia, then 16, to straddle Epstein.

The depraved predator then turned to her and said: " You're such a good little girl," the book claims.

Maxwell is said to have admitted to a former friend that she "needed" Epstein to marry her but found it "impossible" to keep up with his sexual appetite so had to bring him young girls to take the pressure off her having sex with him all the time.

Maxwell then added: "They're nothing these girls. They are trash," according to the book.

Bizarrely the book also reveals how Maxwell tried to start her own branded condom company and a club for women named after the original Kit Kat club.

It also examines his relationship with girlfriend Karyna Shuliak, the last person he called from jail before his death in August 2019.

According to her lawyer and a source the couple were in love despite her being married to another woman until the month Epstein was arrested.

In other claims, the book reveals how the disgraced financier also stalked an ex-girlfriend from high school, Kathy Suter, after becoming "fixated" on her.

One night when she was out at a theater with her boyfriend at the time Bernard Laffer, Epstein became "volatile and unhinged" after seeing her with another man.

Laffer said: "I think he had been following her. How the f**k would he know that she was there?"

He then threatened Epstein saying: "I hope you're paying your limo driver a lot of money because when I start beating your a**, he's going to have to pull me off you."

Epstein then yelled to the ex girlfriend, "I haven't finished with you!"

Bizarrely Epstein later had Suter provide a positive court testimonial for him during the Florida plea arrangement.

Another time, sex-obsessed Epstein told his pal Stuart Pivar he thought he was a male nymphomaniac and he gave him books Psychopathia Sexualis and Sex and Character so he could learn more about his "ailment".

A source close to the Duke told The Sun Online: "Another week, another person with a book to sell.

"More unsubstantiated and lurid allegations that have taken over 20 years to be remembered. We look forward to seeing the proof."

Epstein was found dead in his cell at New York's MCC prison in August aged 66 awaiting trial on a slew of child sex trafficking charges.