UFO Odessa Ukraine
© Ras Sig / Youtube
UFO over Ukraine?
A reader sent us this video and description of "an unusual-looking object which appeared suddenly in the sky at low altitude, then disappeared two minutes later," off the coast of Odessa, Ukraine, on 8th September 2020.
Ras Sig

I noticed a faintly glowing object that stood out against the background of the sky. It was flying 10 degrees above the horizon. A bright white glow with increasing intensity, the brightness increased to a magnitude of -3 or -4 - like the brightness of Jupiter or Venus.

It took me about 15 seconds to pick up a 5x magnification with night-vision device. The UFO originated in the south over the sea, 5 km near the coast - filmed from the village of Kotovsky. The object moved towards the city of Odessa and Zhivakhova Mountain - small mountain by the sea that in ancient times was a place of cult worship for Greek colonists.

I rotated focus on the night-vision device in an attempt to sharpen the perspective and capture the possible outlines of an object emitting light, but I saw nothing but a bright circular sphere. Even as the object faded, the sphere shrank to a small point and disappeared.

I filmed for a further minute, in case the object should suddenly reappear, but it disappeared from sight and even disappeared from the infrared radiation - invisible to humans, though visible to the device.

In searching for other videos of this incident, we came across one dated 14th September 2020, so 6 days after the above recording was made. The title is simply 'UFO over Odessa'; no other location markers are provided:

Curiously, a comment left under the above video alluded to further sightings in the area:
I also watched this for an hour. The same thing happened exactly 2 years ago in the same place. A bunch of videos on YouTube.
We couldn't find 'UFO Odessa' videos from 2018, but we did find this from 2017.