Sarkozy and Putin
© Sergei Chirikov/Pool Photo via AP
Former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, who led the republic between 2007 and 2012, considers Russian leader Vladimir Putin a man, dedicated to his word, Sarkozy wrote in his memoirs, published in Paris Friday.

"He is easy to talk to," Sarkozy disclosed in his book, The Time of Tempests (Le Temps de temp·tes, Tome 1, Editions de l'Observatoire, 2020 ). "He listens attentively, extremely polite, accessible, sympathetic, and keen to smile. He is exceptionally devoted to his friends and his beliefs, but he can change his position if he is convinced of something."

According to Sarkozy, "it is very important and very difficult to win Putin's trust, but, as soon as this happens, he becomes a different interlocutor."

"He always keeps the word once given," the former President, who repeatedly had to negotiate with Putin, wrote. "Most of all, he hates double standards, especially in his communication with the press."

According to Sarkozy, "one cannot be nice with Putin tet-a-tet, and then criticize him behind his back; it is also impossible to force him to do something."

The Russian leader "is ready to admit disagreements and never holds grudge over it," Sarkozy writes.

"He clearly understands that you have a red line that you will not cross, if you, in return, agree that he also has boundaries that he will not cross either," the politician explained. The Russian President "treats randomly said words and empty promises with mistrust; he values deeds, which he does not forget, both good and bad, and especially if he thinks he has been betrayed.".