NFAC black militia
A member of the "Not F-cking Around Coalition," a black nationalist militia demanding reparations, accidentally shot himself and another member in the leg ahead of their Louisville march on Saturday.

Members of the Three Percenters militia are also in downtown Louisville for an armed counter demonstration.

The black nationalist group says they are in Kentucky to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman who was fatally shot by police during a raid.

"One person of the #NFAC militia group accidentally discharged his weapon injuring himself and one other individual. Both individuals have been taken away by EMS. One shot in the leg and one shot in the hand," reported on Twitter.

The Three Percenters (III%) militia is also holding a counter demonstration in the area. A few hundred people are now facing off, armed with weapons.

They are currently being kept apart by barricades set up by the Louisville Metro Police Department.

"You got no business being here. It ain't your state," Nick Alsager of the Three Percenters said of the NFAC.

The last time the NFAC marched they confronted random drivers with weapons to demand reparations.