The leftist-terrorist organization Antifa deceptively presents itself as the militant vanguard of America's anti-racism protests, but in reality it employs the deeply racist tactic of trying to lead African-Americans to their slaughter in order to spark a "race war" that they believe could serve as the catalyst for carrying out their envisaged "revolution", which they tacitly regard as an ideological end that "justifies" their aforesaid means.
Background Briefing

Antifa is the talk of every town in America after Trump publicly declared his plans to officially designate it as a terrorist group in response to the network's role in carrying out acts of urban terrorism all throughout the country over the past week. For those who aren't familiar with the author's analysis of the Hybrid War of Terror on America, they're requested to at the very least skim through one, some, or all three of his related works on the topic so as to better understand his perspective prior to proceeding to the rest of the present piece:

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In a nutshell, what began as a peaceful protest movement in response to the death of George Lloyd in police custody last week transformed into a spree of urban terrorism characterized by rioting, looting, ransacking, and burning which collectively punished innocent Americans who had nothing to do with the trigger event. Antifa is largely responsible for this chaos and hopes to wield "control" over it as a Hybrid War weapon that it can then use to advance its ideological goal of replacing the American government with a leftist one.

Ideological Insight

Antifa's members regard themselves as "revolutionaries" who believe that "the ends justify the means", which explains their employment of such a Machiavellian tactic in pursuit of their grand strategy. Their worldview is that the US is an evil empire that oppresses everyone across the world and must therefore be brought down at all costs in order to support peace for all. Ironically, their arguably immoral plot to spark a "race war" is "justified" by what they believe to be the "moral" outcome of violently imposing their ideology on everyone.

Necessary Disclaimer

Before going any further, it needs to be pointed out that supporting leftism doesn't automatically equate to supporting terrorism. There is nothing in that economic ideology that supports taking that particular path to its desired end. Terrorism, one should remember, is simply a method of warfare that aims to terrorize innocent people through various means. It doesn't have any ideology, race, religion, nationality, or borders. Nevertheless, Antifa has decided to employ it in pursuit of its "revolutionary" agenda.

"Race Wars"

While deceptively presenting itself as the militant vanguard of America's anti-racism protests, Antifa actually employs the deeply racist tactic of trying to lead African-Americans to their slaughter in order to spark a "race war" that they believe could serve as the catalyst for carrying out their envisaged "revolution". Pitting rioting minorities who are terrorizing innocent people against the heavily armed police, National Guard, and even the military makes it almost inevitable that a bloodbath will ensue, which might in turn worsen racial tensions.

Escalation Cycle

That likely scenario could provoke a self-sustaining cycle of escalations between average Americans of different racial identities and between all of them and the security services considering that the spree of urban terrorism isn't being carried out solely by African-Americans under Antifa's guidance (even if most of the participants aren't aware of their role as "useful idiots"). The resultant increase in domestic destabilization might, as Antifa hopes, foster "advantageous" conditions for advancing their "revolution".

Puppet Masters

The pro-globalist and anti-Trump faction of the "deep state" (permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies) supports Antifa, not necessarily because all of its shadowy members are in favor of a terrorist-driven "communist revolution" (though some are certainly sympathetic to it), but because this group functions as their own political-military proxy against Trump the same way as African-Americans are Antifa's political-military proxy against "the system".

Debunking Beliefs

The aforementioned realization debunks the beliefs of both puppets, the African-Americans who are committing acts of terrorism and their Antifa handlers. The former are being led to their death at the hands of the security services in order to spark a "race war" that could lead to many more African-Americans being killed, while the latter are doing the dirty work of the same "system" that they want to overthrow. Antifa are ideological radicals but most African-Americans committing terrorism are opportunists, so a split might occur.

African-Americans vs. Antifa

Should African-Americans en masse become aware of how their demographic is being exploited by Antifa for the purpose of sparking a "race war", then the more responsible members of that demographic might actively work to convince the criminally inclined ones not to fall for this racist trap being set for them. The security services can only stop the terrorism that's unfolding today, so it'll require credible voices within that minority community to get others reject Antifa's future provocations and dissuade them from resuming this Hybrid War.

Anti-Fascists vs. Antifa

The other split that might prospectively develop within this Hybrid War front could be between sincere anti-fascists and the faux ones of Antifa. The latter are employing fascist social tactics that align with the agenda of white supremacists who want to see a violent "culling" of African-Americans, albeit for different ideological reasons. Furthermore, Antifa's Hybrid War of Terror on America is increasing the likelihood that the police state will unprecedentedly strengthen in response to this threat, all to the applause of most average Americans.

Concluding Thoughts

America is at a very difficult crossroads due to decades of partisan indoctrination from the liberal-/leftist-dominated educational system and the similarly ideological Mainstream Media that have brainwashed many people into believing that Antifa's racist plot to lead African-Americans to their slaughter in order to spark a "race war" for catalyzing their "revolution" is supposedly "justified". Antifa is simply a symptom of the larger problem at play, and this terrorist group will be replaced by another unless the root cause is addressed.

The mantra of "the ends justify the means" isn't just an immoral one, but also an illegal one in terms of domestic and international law whenever it takes the form of supporting terrorism to advance any given agenda. The manufactured mindset of so many Americans is now being manipulated to push them into risking their lives for the sake of the country's "deep state" struggle being fought by proxy at the moment in dozens of cities nationwide.

Regrettably, there's no "silver bullet" solution in sight. The situation is admittedly dire for all sides because of the looming bloodbath that Antifa's "deep state" backers hope to provoke. Even in the event that this dark scenario doesn't entirely unfold, the root causes of the Hybrid War of Terror on America have yet to be properly addressed otherwise this conflict risks resuming some time again in the future. Nevertheless, it's a step in the right direction to raise awareness about the game being played against everyone.