Sukhoi Su-30SM
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Sukhoi Su-30SM
A Venezuelan Su-30 fighter jet reportedly intercepted two U.S. military aircraft that approached their national airspace. Russian publication Avia.Pro reported:
"A few hours ago, the Su-30MK2 fighter was urgently raised into the air on combat alert, the reason for which was the approach of two American military aircraft to the borders of Venezuela. A Russian-made fighting vehicle successfully dealt with two potential intruders at once."
Citing unnamed sources, the publication said two U.S. aircraft took off from a military base in Puerto Rico and approached the territorial borders of Venezuela, which prompted the Venezuelan Air Force to get involved.
"TheSu-30MK2 fighter was raised to intercept them, which not only intercepted potential violators, but also successfully cracked down on two planes at once, forcing the latter to retreat."
A video circulating on social media shows the alleged footage of the Venezuelan Su-30 flying over the Barcelona region of Venezuela.