The meteor (circled) as it flies through Wigan

The meteor (circled) as it flies through Wigan
A British man has inadvertently captured stunning CCTV footage of a meteor hurtling through the skies over Wigan. Blake Kerwin, 22, filmed the extraterrestrial incident on his home security camera in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Mr Kerwin was reportedly awoken by a notification on his phone linked to the home CCTV.

The flyby appeared so close his security system alerted him it had detected suspicious movements outside his home.

Only when the Wigan resident reviewed the footage did he release he had filmed a fireball.

The hi-res black and white footage clearly shows an unidentified object speeding across the screen from left to right.

He told Wigan Today: "I was stunned when I saw it. It's quite clearly a meteor, you can see the tail on it, it's fascinating.

"I've never seen a meteor before.

"I find all things to do with space amazing and everyone who has seen this video has agreed it's a very rare capture."

(See video here)