© Issam Rimawi/Anadolu Agency
Palestinian protest against the 'Deal of the Century', Ramallah, West Bank.
The US 'deal of the century', which according to US President Donald Trump, aims to achieve peace in the Middle East, proposes demilitarising Palestinian resistance, reported on Friday.

Reporting Israeli TV Channel 12, revealed that the deal will be presented to leaders of the two largest Israeli parties - the Likud and Blue and White parties - in Washington.

The deal recognises full Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem, annexing all Israeli settlements in the West Bank, and cancelling the right of return of Palestinian refugees. The deal is the most generous proposal that has been offered to Israel, noting that it includes the establishment of a Palestinian state with certain conditions, that no Palestinian leader would accept.

Channel 12 disclosed that the Palestinian Authority (PA) president, Mahmoud Abbas, is not aware of the details of the deal, as there has been no real contact between the PA and US administration, since the latter's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, in December 2017.