iraq city bombed

The generous US "reconstruction" of Iraqi cities
The United States Department of Defense claims that its military presence makes Iraq more "secure and prosperous", despite calls by Iraqi lawmakers for the removal of all foreign troops from the country and growing tensions with Iran.
"At this time, there are no plans by the US military to withdraw from Iraq," Assistant to the Secretary of Defense Jonathan Rath Hoffman told reporters at a press briefing, RT reported.

"And I think it's been obvious... that the consensus in Iraq seems to be that the United States forces there are a force for good," he added.

The official also stated that "the US presence in the country is beneficial to Iraq" and that it "will continue to lead to increased security and prosperity for the Iraqi people".
Despite Hoffman's confidence, his words seem to be at odds with the Iraqi Parliament, which on January 5 passed a non-binding resolution asking caretaker Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi to cancel the request for "military assistance" from the US-led coalition.

The vote took place two days after a US drone strike assassinated Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Qods Force Commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleiman and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, deputy commander of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), or Hashad al-Shabi, when their convoy was leaving Baghdad's airport. Soleimani was scheduled to meet Abdul Mahdi that day.

Iran retaliated in response to Soleimani's assassination by firing several ballistic missiles at Iraqi bases that house US personnel. The United States Armed Forces have been stationed in Iraq since 2003, when a Washington-led coalition attacked the country to topple its longtime leader Saddam Hussein.

The US, UK, as well as many other NATO and Western allies and vassals have been making sure Iraq was more "secure and prosperous" at least since the early '90s, when the US Armed Forces, supported by its allies and vassals, sent cruise missiles and bombers to drop "US aid" on millions of Iraqi civilians.
aircraft carrier iraq

US aircraft carrier crew send "love" to the Iraqi people
United States President Donald Trump warned that American, or any other NATO or allied troops will not be withdrawn from the country unless Iraq "compensates for money spent on a US airbase in the country", and promised "sanctions if Iraq was to refuse to do so".

Let's see the many ways in which the US made Iraq more "secure and prosperous":
iraq museum looted bombed

Iraqi National Museum head thrilled at US troops making the millennia-old artifacts "more prosperous"
oil spill iraq US soldier

US soldier standing above an oil pool formed due to a damaged pipeline, worried about the "prosperity" of American oil which God obviously mistakenly placed in Iraq
Abu Ghraib prison
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A US soldier with a naked detainee at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad.
baghdad soccer field cemetary

Another example of a "more prosperous" Iraq; soccer fields being turned into cemeteries in order to accommodate all of the "lucky" recipients of "US aid"
bomb missiles baghdad ira war

Baghdad being made more "secure and prosperous"