A massive recall of hummus from UK supermarkets has been extended and now includes some 80 products potentially contaminated with Salmonella the country's Food Safety Authority has warned.

Dip maker Zorba Delicacies raised the alarm after discovering potential contamination in its products in the last week of October. Zorba supplies major retailers like Aldi, Lidl, Sainsbury's, John Lewis and Iceland among others.

The initial recall affected goods with a use-by date up to and including November 7 but that has now been extended by ten days to include products expiring on November 17.

The full list of recalled products can be found here.

Zorba Delicacies announced that further testing of potentially contaminated products "resulted in a new presumptive indication of the presence of salmonella in a sample of the ingredient".

"We immediately alerted the FSA [Food Standard Agency] and our customers of this finding."

The company said the recall does not necessarily guarantee a widespread contamination and insisted that it is purely a precautionary measure until further testing can be carried out.

The Food Standard Agency has advised the public not to eat any such products and return them to the store where they bought them for a full refund. Britain reportedly consumes 12,000 tonnes of hummus per year.

Salmonella symptoms typically include fever, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps.