burned car
Car fires are a big problem in Denmark, just as in Sweden, France and a few other European countries.

Since 2015 Denmark have made statistics over car fires in the country and 2019 will break a record. So far this year, there are 648 cars that have been burned in what is believed to be fires created by persons.

The car fires have taken place particularly in immigrant-rich ghettos in the capital Copenhagen and the city Århus. But Police Inspector Brian Belling at the Copenhagen Police says there is no reason to say that there is a connection between the car fires and the people who live in those areas that are called "loaded areas".

Comment: That was a very politically correct response.

The newspaper Jyllands-Posten asks him why we see a lot of car fires in North West Copenhagen but not in Vesterbro, which is a better district in the capital.

"I cannot say why. But car fires have been connected to turmoils in those areas, and there have not been turmoils in Vesterbro."

In september Århus, Denmark's second largest city was hit by many torched cars, as many as 27 in a week. In Sweden and especially France car fires are also a known problem that often occur.