IDF friends
© Twitter / IDF
The Israel Defense Forces tweeted out a video recreating the title sequence of Friends on the sitcom's 25th anniversary. Judging from social media reactions, even the IDF's friends thought it was in bad taste.

The video posted on the IDF's official English language account shows a group of young soldiers in front of a fountain with the title 'IDFriends'.

"Our soldiers couldn't think of a better way to celebrate #Friends25 than celebrating... with friends," the tweet read.

Whoever is running the Twitter account has surely failed in the art of 'Unagi', as the post mostly attracted unfriendly reactions, many of which were inspired by the sitcom.

"Love the one where Chandler fires white phosphorus into a hospital," responded one user. "The one where Joey snipes a child," another tweeted.

"The One Where Rebekah Bulldozes a House" and "The One Where Ross Shoots A Medic And Laughs About It On Tape" were other suggestions.

Even those users who seemingly support the IDF commented that it was "tone deaf" and that the military should not do things like that.

So far it is unclear if IDF will respond to the feedback or if it would just be a "moo point" for them.