Truck on bridge
© Screenshot / SB TV / YouTube
A big rig flips over and ploughs right into a river after its driver decides to ignore a warning sign and tries to defy the basic laws of physics by driving his heavily-loaded vehicle through a flimsy wooden bridge.

A video shared by Belarus news outlet SB.BY shows a large white truck preparing to cross a small river through a short bridge. The traffic sign posted just before the bridge clearly says that the wooden structure won't hold anything heavier than three tons. The driver, however, doesn't seem to care much about the warning.

The truck tries to move as slow as possible, but it does no help as the bridge begins to collapse immediately when the vehicle reaches its center. Luckily for the driver, the river wasn't deep, and the observers can be heard shouting "He's alive! He's alive!" as they rush to check up on him.

"They f*cking told him so!" one of the men remarks.