In these depressing times marked by lies, fear and nihilism, I would like to brighten your mood by sharing a heart-warming story; a real life event that is better than a fairy-tale and should restore your faith in humanity and our burgeoning postmodern society.

A Modern Fairy Tale

What happened? In a nutshell, a heroic individual saved a 4-year-old boy from a deadly fall.
Gassama climbing up to save the boy
Gassama climbing up to save the boy
On Saturday, May 26th 2018, at 8:00 p.m. in Paris' 18th district, the boy was left alone by his white French father who was busy playing 'Pokemon Go'. The boy went to the balcony and fell from the 6th floor over the handrail.

During the fall, the vigorous young boy managed somehow to grab the 4th floor handrail as he hurtled toward the ground. Hanging there precariously, death seemed just a few moments away.

Fortunately, Mamoudou Gassama, a migrant from Mali, was in the right place at the right time. He saw the distressed boy and swiftly climbed 4 floors of the building exterior, pulled the boy up over the handrail and safely dropped him onto the balcony while a crowd below cheered and clapped.

Here is the video, made by an eyewitness:

Less than 24 hours after the heroic rescue, French President Macron received Gassama at the presidential palace. The latter was immediately given French citizenship and a job in a firefighter's squad.

Macron receiving Gassama at the presidential palace
Macron receiving Gassama at the presidential palace
Then Gassama was received at Paris town hall and given its highest distinction: the vermeil medal of Paris. Gassama's triumph went international, and a few days later the hero received a BET award in Los Angeles.

So, there you have it, all the ingredients of a good tale: Gassama, the hero from an oppressed minority, the powerless innocent victim, the dramatic tension, a literal cliffhanger, and the happy ending. Frankly, it was as good as a scene directly extracted from a Spiderman movie.

But like in every fairy tale or superhero movie, there's always a villain. In this case, the villain appeared four days after the heroic rescue, and goes by the name of André Bercoff.

The Evil Witch of Reality

French journalist and writer André Bercoff
French journalist and writer André Bercoff
Bercoff is a prominent French journalist and writer. He worked for some of the most prestigious French newspapers, from Le Monde to Liberation. His career spans over 6 decades, during which he wrote about 30 books on politics and society. He is also the chairman of the Press Club de France, the largest professional organization for journalists in the country.

Based on Bercoff's professional career, we can safely assume he is not a deviant or a transgressor of the established order - quite the contrary.

However, on May 30th Bercoff crossed an unofficial red line and dared to question the official narrative that was unanimously agreed upon by the mainstream media right after the event and way before the results of any detailed investigation. Well, questioning, finding the truth, is the essence of journalism, right?

Puzzling Questions

Believing in this seemingly outdated and politically incorrect principle of journalism, Bercoff started examining the official story and found some inconsistencies. First he pointed to changes in the official narrative:

The boy fell from the 6th floor and was found at the 4th floor
The boy fell from the 6th floor and was found at the 4th floor
- the kid was supposedly living on the 4th floor (where he was saved), then on the 5th floor, and finally it was the 6th floor since the concierge stated that the apartment on the 5th floor is unoccupied and that the boy's parents indeed lived on the 6th (highest) floor.

- in the video of the rescue the neighbor is relatively stocky and wears a beard, during his interview a few hours after the event, the neighbor is slim and has no beard.

Bercoff also asks: knowing that Gassama managed to pull the boy up with only one hand and that at one point the stocky neighbor had both his hands on the kid, why didn't the neighbor pull the kid up? For reference, at age 4, a boy weighs about 15 kg/33lbs.

Bercoff also wondered how the kid fell since the handrail is taller than him and no furniture is visible through the transparent railing of the 6th floor balcony.

Last but not least, Bercoff wonders how a 4-year-old kid can grab a handrail after a 2-storey fall? For reference, after a 6m free-fall (two floors), a body has already reached about 40km/h.

Any rock-climber will tell you that it is impossible for a fit adult to stop themselves by grabbing onto something with their arms when falling at 40km/h. A child is even less likely to be able to manage such a feat given that their high center of gravity - due to a large head-to-body mass ratio - means children tend to fall head-first.

Yet, somehow, this boy managed to do it and, in the process, only suffered one torn toenail
. This point is so puzzling that even a mainstream website dedicated to debunking 'conspiracy theories' were forced to dismiss this inconvenient fact by describing it as 'miraculous'.

Questioning is Now a Crime

"Don't speak out or question"
Bercoff was unanimously labelled a conspiracy theorist, despite the fact that he never mentioned the word "conspiracy" and even dismissed the idea that a conspiracy was involved in the event.

The truth is that Bercoff did not cross any line, but rather the ideological line enforced by the dominant culture that makes asking uncomfortable questions taboo, crossed Bercoff. The very essence of human progress - questioning and the ensuing learning - are now forbidden.

To justify this totalitarian drift that even Orwell couldn't imagine, the media and political elite suggest that such questions are "suggestive". That is the very definition of thought-crime, where it's not tangible facts or words that matter, but the thoughts behind them, the intention, the implicit. The problem is that thoughts are intangible and therefore any censor, any inquisitor, can ascribe to his target any deviant thought that can be used to criminalize and silence him. That is the terror of the arbitrary.

The Political Context

Gassama's miraculous rescue raises some obvious questions and doubts. What really occurred during this event may never be known, but we can get a good idea of the validity of the official story by considering how it was politically instrumentalized and the political context in which this instrumentalizing took place. Let's look at French President Macron's recent political moves.

1- April 10th: Macron receives Saudi king Salman.
2- April 15th: Macron justifies military strikes against Syria (not ISIS)
3- May 28th: Macron receives and praises Gassama and gives citizenship and job.
4- June 21th: Macron organizes a LGBT black rap band party at the Presidential palace
5- June 23rd: Macron supports financial sanctions against EU countries that refuse to accept migrants.

These five events, occurring over the last two months, might seem benign and unrelated at first sight. However, as you will see below, they are complementary aspects of a single political stance and perfectly summarize the essence of the liberal doctrine in terms of migration. Let's analyze those events and their political, social and cultural implications.

Smily Ben Salman and Macron during Saudi official visit
Smiling Ben Salman and Macron during Saudi official visit
First event: Macron welcomes Saudi king Ben Salman.

Saudia Arabia is the main funder of ISIS.

Saudi Arabia is also the cradle of Wahabism/Salafism, a form of literal and fundamentalist Islam that preaches Jihad and Sharia law.

For fundamentalists, religious law is the one and only law. Fundamentalist Islam is a theocracy which is, by definition, incompatible with Western nations.

Along with the Muslim brotherhood, which is the other dominant fundamentalist Islam, supported this time by Qatar, wahhabism is the rising form of Islam and shows an increasing presence in France.

Today about 200 wahabist/salafist mosques and places of prayers are listed in France. Between 2010 and 2016, the number of salafist mosques increased by 170%. The Muslim brotherhood controls about 100 mosques.

Country of origin for asylum seekers
Country of origin for asylum seekers
Second event: Macron bombs Syria not ISIS.

Like other European countries, France actively participates to the destruction of the Middle East and Africa (including Mali where Gassama is born).

Punitive and arbitrary wars waged by the West are one of the fundamental causes of migratory flows: people escape war.

In addition, Macron supports ISIS by weakening its main opponents: Syria through attacks on the Syrian government and military and Russia through economic sanctions. ISIS terrorizes local populations, increases migration flows and spreads the most extreme form of Islamism.

Unsurprisingly, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, three countries destroyed by western wars and today the seat of Islamist terror (Taliban in Afghanistan and ISIS in Syria and Iraq) are the three main purveyors of refugees that reach Europe.

Third event: Gassama becomes a national hero.

Macron, like the rest of the political and media sphere, praise Gassama while ignoring that people save others every week. For example, a few days after the Gassama event, a French soldier saved an 18 month kid who was hanging from a balcony. The media barely mentioned it.

The Gassama event encapsulates the liberal doctrine: migrants are heroes, local Europeans are despicable, they are not even able to take care of their own kids and prefer, instead, to play Pokemon Go. As a result of his incompetency the father is being prosecuted for withdrawal of parental custody and risks 2 years in prison and a €30,000 fine.

The Gassama event is not isolated, it is part of the manufacturing of consent in Western nations. Another striking example of a stage-managed event to serve the liberal ideology is the Theo case. It was all over the French media in 2017.

Hollande visting Theo Luhaka
Hollande visting Theo Luhaka
Allegedly, French cops sodomized an innocent young African (Theo) with a baton. You should have seen the indignation, the bashing of the evil French white cops and by the extension the whole French white authority and people. The firing of the racist cops. The gruesome details about Theo's pants being forced down, the 10 cm anal fissure, burst sphincter, racist insults, humiliations. And the overflowing compassion: mass demonstrations supporting Theo, President Hollande vising Theo in hospital.

After months of investigation including analysis of video footage and the input of medical experts, the truth finally came to light and it was almost the exact opposite to what was claimed: Theo is part of a family involved in massive fraud, he personally was involved in drug dealing, he resisted arrest, he punched one of the cops, they arrested him. No sodomy or racial insults occurred, his pants were never pulled down.

In contrast to the message that these two overmediatized cases attempted to convey, not all migrants are heroes or victims, not all natives are incompetent or violent. The reality is much more nuanced. By focusing on cherry-picked or manufactured events that put migrants in a good light and local natives in a bad light, the globalist elite attempt to manipulate public opinion.

But a backlash is already occurring.

One by one, European countries (Italy, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia) have begun to claim back their sovereignty and enforcing limits on migration through border control. The European governments and EU central powers that still promote mass migration are becoming more and more isolated and out of touch with with the will of the majority of the people they supposedly represent.

Self-styled liberals and radical leftists want to impose their idyllic multicultural open border vision of the world on everyone, but they are totally disconnected from reality. They claim not to see the destructive consequences of non-integrated mass migration: the rise in crime, in unemployment, the financial costs, the dissolution of culture, the fragmentation of societies and the loss of identity where, in a growing number of enclaves, European people feel like they are crossing the Mediterranean Sea just by opening their door.

Fourth event: Macron organizes a black LGBT party at the Elysee.

Macron could have invited artists that represented French identity, its history and its culture. But according to the French president there is no French culture, as he officially stated: ''there's no French culture, there is a culture in France and it is diverse".

Not only does Macron deny French culture, he has also denounced the barbarity of a French nation that embraces wars, colonialism, patriarchy, white patriarchy. Macron officially declared on February 15th 2017:
[colonialism] is a crime against humanity. It is a real barbarity and it is part of this past that we must face and also apologize to those against whom we have committed these actions.
A nation that wallows in guilt, regrets,and shame opens the door to victimhood mentality and victimhood competition. Any individual in France today can feel that the minority he identifies with has been wronged at some point by France. Macron's statement reinforces victimhood and the subsequent drift towards entitlement, reparation and ultimately endless revenge.

The afro LGBT band Kiddy Smile and the Macrons
The afro LGBT band Kiddy Smile and the Macrons
So, faithful to his negation of the French identity and condemnation of French historical barbarity, Macron invited a rap band made up of black LGBT activists. Rap is the 'artistic' arm of liberalism, it preaches non-integration, hate of the white nations and white people, disrespect for the law, murder of police officers (among other things)

This celebration of decadence happened in one of the most symbolic places of the French nation, the Presidential palace that hosted De Gaulle, Kennedy, Trump and Putin. Times sure are changing!

The real cherry on the pie here however is that this insult to France was funded by those who were directly insulted: French taxpayers. French government cynicism has no limit, it would seem.

The French government's liberal doctrine has replaced assimilation with multiculturalism in the name of diversity, respect of differences, tolerance and open-mindedness.

Assimilation aims to make individuals truly French, where migrants adopt and embrace French culture, history, customs and language. In the end, assimilated migrants become more French than the French as illustrated, for example, by the over-representation of descendants of Spanish and Italian migrants in French nationalist parties.

The French assimilation model started in 1860, earlier than any other European country It was the antithesis of the multiculturalism that has prevailed in Northern Europe countries like the UK or the Netherlands.

For over 100 years, France successfully assimilated migrants from Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and Africa. This assimilated migration was a driving force in the development of France during this period. But assimilation ended in the 60s with the rise of the postmodernist doctrine that negates identity, culture, history. Indeed, if there is no national identity, then how can anyone assimilate into it?.

Fifth event: Macron wants to sanction countries like Italy which aim to control mass migration.

The Aquarius carries 629 migrants to Europe
The Aquarius carries 629 migrants to Europe
This arrogant and ignorant statement shows that Macron wants mass migration in Europe and in France because he knows very well that the migrants that reach Italy won't stay in Italy. For reference half of the 630 migrants on the Aquarius want asylum in France.

Macron's statement is hypocritical on a domestic level because during his presidential campaign he demanded the reinforcement of European borders and deportation of illegal migrants. It is hypocritical on an international level because Macron wants Italy to accept migrants but doesn't want to open the French ports to migrant boats.

Macron wants mass migration but he doesn't want it to be visible because he knows that a majority of the French people reject it. In a recent survey, 76% of the French population want a referendum on immigration. So Macron makes decisions that promote mass migration while multiplying official statements about controlling migration.

Imagine You Were a Migrant

Jihadists in Northern Mali
Jihadists in Northern Mali
Imagine you're a foreigner, say a Muslim from Mali. Your country has been colonized by France, then your country has been plundered by French multinational corporations (uranium), and then your country has been bombed by France (See point 2 -Macron bombs Syria not ISIS). You might understandably feel some resentment towards France.

You leave your country because of the war and the growing presence of ISIS (See point 2 -Macron bombs Syria not ISIS) and you end up in France because of the open border policy (see point 5 - Macron supports mass migration)

The temporal powers, whether NGOs, politicians, media, administration or artists, all say the same thing: 'do not assimilate to the evil white culture which anyway doesn't exist. Stay true to your roots and stick to your community and traditions' (see point 4 - the presidential party)
The great Mosque of Lyon, funded by Saudi Arabia
The great Mosque of Lyon, funded by Saudi Arabia
If you're worried about the locals' reaction to your non-integration, do not worry, illegal migrants are national heroes and locals are losers (see point 3 - Gassama the superhero)

If you are dissatisfied with this dividing discourse towards the nation that, after all is hosting you, you might turn to the spiritual powers in search for a wiser message. Unfortunately, the mosques controlled by the Salafists, Wahhabis and the Muslim brotherhood carry a similarly dividing message: 'submit to the divine law before the civil law, your nation is the Muslim nation'. In other words: 'be a Muslim, not a citizen'. (see point 1 Macron receives Ben Salman)

The Worst Of The Left Marries The Worst Of The Right

I used the word 'liberalism' several times in this article and the word has different definitions in Europe and the US.

In the US, liberalism is a social ideology promoting freedom, i.e. the destruction of any authority: nations, family, religions. In Europe, liberalism is an economic ideology that promotes freedom too: free market and the subsequent destruction of states, laws and regulations.

Economic liberalism and social liberalism are two sides of the same coin. They work synergetically, the latter producing uprooted, valueless, identity-less individuals that can be economically exploited, while the former produces exhausted dumbed-down individuals that swallow the inanities of postmodernism.

Economic Liberalism and Social liberalism have a fundamental element in common: destruction in the name of freedom. Economic liberalism physically destroys workers and the planet. Social Liberalism destroys the very soul of individuals by annihilating all that feeds it: love, truth, meaning and beauty that were conveyed through 'traditional systems' like family, nation, religion, art.

Historically, the right was the enforcer of economic liberalism while the left was the enforcer of social liberalism. Today those two movements have merged and politicians like Macron (and many others like Obama, Merkel, H. Clinton,...) bring us the worst of the right: predatory capitalism and the worse of the left: postmodernist's nihilism.


The Western world has destroyed the old order in the name of freedom. But individuals and societies have a deep need for order, as French poet Alfred Auguste Pilavoine wrote in 1845
"Order and freedom, two words perfectly correlative and which have real meaning only in relation to each other; no freedom without order, no order without freedom. Order without freedom is tyranny; freedom without order is obscenity."
The french revolution, and its corollary the 1968 revolution, have created a spiritual, social, moral and cultural void. The vacuum of nihilist societies will be filled by a new authority, and for such purposes Islam is a prime candidate:
  • In Europe the millennial religious order (Christianity) has been destroyed while Islam brings a strong and growing religion.
  • The patriarchal authority incarnated by the father, the teacher, the priest, has been destroyed, while Islam brings a fundamentally patriarchal model of society.
  • The sexual revolution has erased any form of sexual restraint, while Islam is very clear and firm about sexual restraint.
  • Traditional communities, family and nation, have been destroyed, while Islam provides a strong and deep sense of community (Oumma).
  • The West has replaced legal duties with legal rights, while Islam provides a comprehensive set of legal duties (Sharia).
  • Any sense of meaningful ideals or purpose has been annihilated in the West while Islam provides a very clear meaning to life (Jihad).
It's more than a little ironic that as postmodernists destroyed the old order, western patriarchal societies, in the name of freedom, opened the way for a new order - Islam - that is decidedly more authoritative and arbitrary.

As if the tensions in Europe were not strong enough, some third party liberals pour oil on the fire with a spate of 'Islamic terrorism': the Bataclan massacre, the Charlie Hebdo attack, the Manchester concert bombing, the Westminster bridge attack (among many others). All of which bear the clear fingerprints not of Islamism but state terrorism.

Obviously some puppet masters want to flood Europe with mass migration and maximize tensions between communities. The desired result is obviously the destruction of Europe.The last remaining question is: will they succeed?