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Spygate is the biggest political scandal in political history. The embedding of an FBI spy in the Trump campaign and the Obama administration's illegal wiretapping and unmasking of targets in the Trump camp reveal dangerous and unprecedented acts of collusion against the most transformational president in our recent history.

The liberal mainstream media are pushing against this reality of course but the evidence is incontrovertible and the real Obama is being shown for the blatant criminal he truly is. "Spygate," the false allegation that the FBI had a spy in the Trump campaign, explained, reads Vox's typically incurious and misleading headline. Other headlines in a similar vein are blasting across the media's propaganda waves as they attempt to tamp down this bombshell.

On Wednesday, President Trump asserted that Spygate will turn out to be "one of the biggest political scandals in history!" The 45th president of the United States is correct in this assessment. FBI source and former Cambridge professor Stefan Halper had contact with at least three advisers during the Trump campaign to create a link between the Russians and Donald Trump.

Needless to say, he came up empty and so has Mueller's special counsel.

Trump is taking on the massive, power-hungry, and unelected Deep State cabal in Washington and he should fear for his life and political future because of it. The president claimed he is ''caught in a major SPY scandal the likes of which this country may never have seen before!''

Michael Barone correctly calls Obama's spying on Trump a departure from norms in a recent article on

"F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims," read The New York Times headline one week ago, attempting to downplay the seriousness of this scandal. Trump was not paranoid when he claimed that Obama tapped Trump Tower's phones. It's actually much worse than that. Obama dramatically expanded the intelligence gathering apparatus in an attempt to destroy the Donald's chances at becoming president and ensure Hillary Clinton would win the presidency despite her well-documented crimes and corruption. This was not done for the nation's good or our national security, a now overused and tired excuse. It was purely political and downright illegal.

Luckily this national security stance did not exist when Richard Nixon wiretapped the Democratic National Committee's headquarters in 1972. It's an argument that evidently didn't occur to Richard Nixon's defenders when it became clear that Nixon operatives had burglarized and wiretapped the DNC's headquarters 46 years ago.

Up until the end of Obama's two terms, almost all Americans were rightly frightened at the government or its intelligence agencies spying or using informants on political campaigns, especially of the opposing party. Liberals used to be suspicious of the FBI and the CIA. But Obama can do no wrong! And today, they claim the national security state can do no wrong!

Politics and hypocrisy go hand in hand.

In both cases, Watergate and Spygate, "the incumbent administration regarded the opposition's unorthodox nominee as undermining the nation's long-standing foreign policy and therefore dangerous to the country," Barone writes. While McGovern wanted to put a stop to traditional Cold War policy, Trump decried the country's policies on NATO, Mexico, Iran, and Russia.

After two years of investigation into Trump collusion with Russia to win the election, neither Obama's spy nor Robert Mueller's investigation have found any evidence to speak of. "None of Mueller's indictments points in that direction, and Trump's foreign policy over 16 months has been far less favorable to Russia than Obama's," Barone points out.

Both Spygate and Watergate were initially started over fears that the populist opposition might actually win. Nixon didn't even need Watergate as his re-election was assured, but that was not known at the time. It seems Democrats had doubts about Hillary Clinton's electability from the start, despite the Donald's rise to the Republican nomination and their claims of confidence in their eternally ineffective female candidate.

However, in Watergate, the burglars were arrested in the act and their wiretaps never actually worked. Spygate, on the other hand, involved excessive FBI and CIA cooperation and included a post-election cover-up. A disturbing and troubling reality that is being dismissed by the Democrats and their accomplices in the mainstream media. The Russian collusion narrative is all a farce initiated by the Deep State, the failed Clinton campaign, and the liberal media to oust a democratically elected president from office.

"Has an outgoing administration ever worked to delegitimize and dislodge its successor like this?" Barone asks. Most unprecedented is the "dangerous departure from norms" of "Obama officials seeking to overturn the results of the 2016 election," Barone concludes.

A revolt is underway in the FBI as a result of this rampant collusion perpetrated by the intelligence agency's politically-mischievous leaders.

Rank and file FBI agents are "sickened" by former FBI directors Comey and McCabe and want to "come forward and testify, according to reports from the Daily Caller, citing three active field agents and former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova.

"There are agents all over this country who love the bureau and are sickened by [James] Comey's behavior and [Andrew] McCabe and [Eric] Holder and [Loretta] Lynch and the thugs like [John] Brennan-who despise the fact that the bureau was used as a tool of political intelligence by the Obama administration thugs," former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova told The Daily Caller Tuesday.

"They are just waiting for a chance to come forward and testify."

Let's hope we get to hear their testimony out in the open.

Investigative Journalist Sharyl Attkisson is doing some groundbreaking work in her new role uncovering the truth amidst an endless stream of mainstream media propaganda. She left CBS a few years ago because of her frustration over the network's liberal bias, lack of dedication to investigative reporting, and outsize influence by the network's corporate partners. She felt that her work was no longer reported and encountered constant pushback to get her stories on the air.

In a recent piece in The Hill, Attkisson outlines eight signs pointing to a counterintelligence operation deployed against the Trump campaign.

She starts with a disclaimer saying it still may be true that Trump conspired with Russia, but this has yet to be proven after a two year search by the nation's top intelligence operatives. "But there's a growing appearance of alleged wrongdoing equally as insidious, if not more so, because it implies widespread misuse of America's intelligence and law enforcement apparatus," she writes.

Here are the eight signs of a politically-motivated counterintelligence operation deployed against Trump, as compiled by Attkisson.
  1. Code name
    1. "Crossfire Hurricane" was at least one code name the operation had that was leaked to The New York Times.
  2. Wiretap fever
    1. At least seven of Trump's associates were secretly wiretapped, including Steve Bannon, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, and Jared Kushner. The FBI started its wiretapping back in June 2016, six months before the supposedly controversial conversation Flynn had with Sergey Kislyak, Russia's ambassador. Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was wiretapped four times by the FBI starting in July 2016. Page had offices connected to Trump Tower and reports having spent "many hours in Trump Tower." Surveillance was also used to listen in on three Trump transition officials in Trump Tower (Flynn, Bannon and Kushner).
  3. National security letters
    1. These letters were used by the FBI to obtain phone records and other documents. They conveniently bypass judicial approval and have been regularly abused by Mueller and the FBI.
  4. Unmasking
    1. At least four top Obama officials who are virulently anti-Trump (James Clapper, Samantha Power, Sally Yates, and Susan Rice) regularly revealed names of Americans caught communicating with foreign targets. Power made near-daily unmasking requests throughout 2016. Rice admitted to unmasking names of U.S. citizens after loudly claiming that she had no such knowledge on the matter. Clapper admitted to requesting the unmasking of "Mr. Trump, his associates or any members of Congress."
  1. Changing the rules
    • On December 15, 2016, the same day the government listened to Trump officials at Trump Tower, Rice unmasked the names of Bannon, Kushner, and Flynn. Clapper expedited a new rule allowing the National Security Agency to share surveillance within the government without regular privacy protections.
  2. Media strategy
    • John Brennan and James Clapper have hit the national news circuit to help shape the narrative in their favor. Clapper leaked political opposition research against Trump to CNN in the fall of 2017 and was subsequently hired as a political analyst at CNN. In February, Brennan became a paid analyst for MSNBC.
  3. Leaks
    • A steady stream of leaks, most false and almost all damaging to Trump, have been a constant recurrence throughout Trump's journey to the White House. Notable leaks include the wiretapping of Flynn, the anti-Trump "Steele dossier, and Comey's memos recording private conversations and criticisms of Trump.
  4. Friends, informants and snoops
    • Now we get to today's Spygate scandal. The FBI appears to have used one-time CIA operative Stefan Halper in 2016 as an informant to spy on Trump and his campaign. Comey friend and Columbia law professor Daniel Richman leaked Comey's memos attacking Trump to the New York Times shortly after Comey was fired. Incredibly, Richman worked for the FBI under a "Special Government Employee" status. And most egregious, the FBI used Glenn Simpson, his political research firm Fusion GPS, and ex-British spy Christopher Steele to compile fabricated allegations from Trump which were ultimately used as the "evidence" to initiate the ceaseless wiretapping and instigate the Trump-Russia collusion case.


we go spy
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As I covered in Part I of SPYGATE: The 21st Century's Watergate, the Obama administration oversaw a widespread wiretapping scheme and implemented a propaganda narrative of Trump colluding with Russia to win the presidential election in 2016. They then attempted to cover it up after Trump was elected president by smearing him with unfounded connections to Russia. This illegal action would be highlighted and heralded as one of the most damaging and dangerous political scandals in American history if this was a Republican acting against a Democrat. Sadly, it is only being covered in your conservative and alternative news sites as deranged liberals continue to dismiss the severity of #SPYGATE.

In this article, I will continue to highlight Sharyl Attkisson's investigative reporting on the outrageous and still continuing collusion against Trump. In a recent piece, she compiled an exhaustive timeline which unveils the many steps the Deep State and the Democratic Party establishment have made to keep Trump from the White House and then to subsequently dethrone him.

We have learned much more over this past year that proves the organized effort to collude against Trump the candidate and Trump the president.

Some highlights Attkisson points to were:
  • "Anti-Russian Ukrainians allegedly helped coordinate and execute a campaign against Trump in partnership with the Democratic National Committee and news reporters.
  • A Yemen-born ex-British spy reportedly delivered political opposition research against Trump to reporters, Sen. John McCain, and the FBI; the latter of which used the material-in part-to obtain wiretaps against one or more Trump-related associates.
  • There were orchestrated leaks of anti-Trump information and allegations to the press, including by ex-FBI Director James Comey.
  • The U.S. intel community allegedly engaged in questionable surveillance practices and politically-motivated 'unmaskings' of U.S. citizens, including Trump officials.
  • Alleged conflicts of interests have surfaced regarding FBI officials who cleared Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information and who investigated Trump's alleged Russia ties."
Now, let's dig into the timeline that was made possible by Obama's actions in 2011 and then delve into the 2015-2016 election-era collusion against Trump.

2011: Obama administration greenlights intelligence agencies to further expand its surveillance authority, giving it permission to spy on Americans who merely "mention a foreign target in a single, discrete communication." The NSA, CIA, and FBI then began storing in an intelligence database communications of American citizens who were "incidentally" captured during surveillance on foreign targets.

October 2013: The Washington Post sells to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, which would soon become the anti-Trump propaganda machine for the Democratic Party.

Late 2015: Ukrainian-American and Democratic operative Chalupa expands her opposition research on Paul Manafort to include Trump's "ties" to Russia. She increasingly shares her findings with the DNC (AKA the Clinton campaign).

December 4, 2015: Donald Trump surpasses all other Republican presidential candidates by 20 points in a CNN poll.

January 2016: Democratic operative Chalupa tells a senior DNC official that she "feels" there's a Russia connection with Trump.

March 25, 2016: Chalupa meets with top Ukrainian officials in the Ukrainian Embassy in DC to "expose ties between Trump, top campaign aide Paul Manafort and Russia," according to Politico. Chalupa has worked for the Clinton administration in the past. Ukraine's embassy then begins to work "directly with reporters researching Trump, Manafort and Russia to point them in the right directions," according to an embassy official. Manafort is hired days later as manager of July's Republican convention.

The wizard of twitter
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March 30, 2016: Chalupa briefs DNC staff on Russian ties to Manafort and Trump. Chalupa asks Ukrainian embassy, with "DNC's encouragement," to discuss Manafort's lobbying efforts on behalf of Ukraine's former president Viktor Yanukovych. The embassy declines but becomes "helpful" in trading info and leads to U.S. media.

May 4, 2016: Trump cinches the Republican nomination for president.

May 19, 2016: Manafort becomes Trump's campaign chair.

June 2016: Fusion GPS' Glenn Simpson hires Yemen-born ex-British spy Christopher Steele for political opposition research damaging to Trump. Steele obtains information from Russian sources "close to Putin" in the creation of an unverified "dossier" later leaked to reporters and used as firepower for the FBI to secretly wiretap the Trump campaign. The Guardian writes that the FBI applied for a FISA warrant to "monitor four members of the Trump team suspected of irregular contacts with Russian officials," although the "initial request was denied."

June 17, 2016: The Russian collusion hysteria commences. The Washington Post puts out a front page story linking Trump to Russia: "Inside Trump's Financial Ties to Russia and His Unusual Flattery of Vladimir Putin."

July 2016: One-time CIA operative Stefan Halper reportedly begins meetings with Trump advisers Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, secretly gathering information for the FBI. These contacts begin prior to the date FBI Director Comey later claimed the Russian investigation began.

July 31, 2016: FBI commences counterintelligence investigation on Russia.

Summer 2016: Fusion's Christopher Steele briefs FBI on unverified dossier. Weeks later, this information reaches Peter Strzok and his team after they recently began an investigation into Trump's aide George Papadopoulos.

August 15-19, 2016: CNN reports on the FBI's inquiry into Manafort's payments from pro-Russia interests in Ukraine that ended seven years before becoming campaign chair. After meeting with FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok exchange texts of requiring an "insurance policy" in case Trump is elected. Manafort resigns as campaign chairman on the 19th.

Late August 2016: Reportedly working for the FBI, one-time CIA operative Professor Halper meets with Trump campaign co-chair Sam Clovis offering his services as a foreign-policy adviser, according to The Washington Post. Halper would later offer to hire Carter Page.

August 2016: FBI starts a new wiretap campaign against Manafort that lasts into 2017.

September 2016: Steele becomes a source for the FBI and tells Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr he's "desperate that Donald Trump not get elected." President Obama warns Russia to not interfere in the election. Page and Strzok text that "President Obama wants to know everything we're doing."

Late September 2016: Steele's FBI contact tells him the agency needs to see his oppo research "right away," offering to pay him $50,000, according to the New York Times. Steele jets off to Rome to meet with the FBI and provide a "full briefing." Simpson and Steele meet with reporters (NYT, WaPo, Yahoo, New Yorker, CNN, ABC). One meeting is held at the office of the DNC's general counsel.

Early October 2016: Steele meets in New York with David Corn, Washington-bureau chief of Mother Jones. According to The Guardian, the FBI submits a more narrowly focused FISA wiretap request to replace the one turned down in June to monitor four Trump associates.

Mid-October 2016: Steele briefs reporters from NYT, WaPo, and Yahoo again on his political oppo research on Trump.

Oct. 19, 2016: Steele writes his final memo for anti-Trump "dossier" provided to the FBI, which authorizes payment to Steele totaling $160,000.

Late October 2016: The Justice Department and FBI apply for wiretapping on Carter Page, pointing to new "evidence" available from Fusion's dossier and a related Yahoo article. The FBI fails to mention to the court that the Clinton campaign and the DNC funded the "evidence." Mother Jones reports on the dossier, quoting a source that has to be Steele. FBI terminates relationship with Steele following the leaking of his involvement that came out in the Mother Jones piece. Steele maintains a backchannel with Deputy Associate Attorney General Bruce Ohr. The New York Times reports on the FBI's investigation of Trump that found no connection to Russia.

November 8, 2016: We all know what happened that day...

November 18-20, 2016: Senator John McCain attends a security conference in Nova Scotia where former UK ambassador to Russia Sir Andrew Wood tells him about the Fusion GPS dossier. McCain's associate David Kramer flies to London to meet with Steele for a briefing. Then, Fusion's Glenn Simpson gives McCain a copy of the dossier. Then, Steele passes anti-Trump info to the top UK government official in charge of national security. McCain arranges a meeting with FBI Director Comey.

December 8/9, 2016: McCain meets with Comey at FBI headquarters and hands over the dossier, bringing the FBI into the matter. The FBI then compiles a two-page summary and includes it in a briefing note to President Obama.

December 15, 2016: Obama's intelligence officials "incidentally" spy on Trump officials meeting with a UAE crown prince in Trump Tower. Identities of Americans accidentally captured in this way are supposed to be protected and "masked" inside intelligence agencies for privacy reasons. Rice unmasks the names of Bannon, Kushner, and Flynn. National Intelligence Director Clapper expands rules to allow NSA to disseminate classified surveillance material within the government.

December 29, 2016: President-elect Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn speaks with Russian Ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak. The call is wiretapped and subsequently leaked to the press.

If only this was the extent of it. Sadly, the collusion continues with Trump in the White House and is expanded following the creation of the Mueller special counsel. Nonstop attempts to remove a duly elected president from the highest office in the world continue to this day.


spied and lied
Part II of SPYGATE: The 21st Century's Watergate discussed the timeline of events surrounding the anti-Trump dossier and the collusion against Trump carried out by the Obama administration and its many weapons at its disposal. In this third and final installment, I will talk about how the Mueller investigation has crossed the legal line and how the campaign to forcibly remove Trump from office is still in full effect today.

Steven Calabresi, former special assistant to Attorney General Edwin Meese and law clerk to Justice Antonin Scalia wrote a commentary piece in the Wall Street Journal a couple weeks ago that points out how far the illegal and unconstitutional special counsel has gone in recent months.

Judge T.S. Ellis expressed skepticism surrounding the scope of Mueller's investigation, stating, "What we don't want in this country is ... anyone with unfettered power." Ellis is to preside over the trial of Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign manager. He told Deputy Solicitor General Michael Dreeben earlier this month that it's "unlikely you're going to persuade me that the special prosecutor has unlimited powers."

"Mr. Mueller's in­ves­ti­ga­tion has crossed a con­sti­tu­tional line," Calabresi writes, "for rea­sons the U.S. Supreme Court made clear in the 1988 case Mor­ri­son v. Ol­son." The case is known for Scalia's dissent that argued how the post-Watergate independent counsel statute was unconstitutional. Chief Justice William Rehnquist's opinion for the court upheld it though and provided a precedent for the limits that Mueller's special counsel has now exceeded.

Mueller is investigating a large group of people and has charged defendants with many different crimes, each unrelated to any collaboration or conspiracy or collusion with Trump and Russia, which was the spark that gave fire to the investigation in the first place. This is "too much power for an in­fe­rior of­fi­cer to have," Calabresi declares. Only a proper officer like a U.S. attorney can act the way Mueller is behaving. However, Mueller is now the second-most powerful person in the country today and far superior than any of the 96 U.S. attorneys.

He has gone far afield to say the least and has failed to uncover anything close to Trump colluding with Russia despite being appointed more than a year ago.

Let's get back to Sharyl Attkisson's timeline on collusion against Trump to complete the chain of events that have led up to Mueller's unconstitutional investigation into the president of the United States.

January 2017: CNN reported that a wiretap continues against Manafort, including his discussions with Trump.

Early January 2017: FBI renews wiretap against Carter Page. Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch signs rules Clapper expanded in December allowing the NSA to share surveillance within the government. FBI Director Comey meets with President-Elect Trump and his national security team in Trump Tower to brief them on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election. Obama's national security adviser and paid liar Susan Rice writes herself an email stating that her boss suggested they hold back on providing some information with Trump for national security reasons. After the briefing, Trump meets alone with Comey to discuss the unverified and salacious dossier.

January 10, 2017: The dossier is leaked to the media and published.

January 12, 2017: Obama administration finalizes new rules allowing NSA to spread intelligence to other U.S. agencies without privacy provisions. And guess what liberals, Trump is now in charge of that national security spying apparatus.

January 20, 2017: America begins to become great again! Fifteen minutes after Trump's inauguration, Susan Rice emails a memo to herself summarizing a January 5th meeting with Obama, stating that the president instructed the group to investigate "by the book," asking them to be mindful that certain things "could not be fully shared with the incoming administration."

January 21-24, 2017: Leaks from intelligence sources told the Wall Street Journal that "US counterintelligence agents have investigated communications" between Trump and Michael Michael Flynn and Russia ambassador to the U.S. Kislyak to discover if any laws were violated. Acting AG Sally Yates sends FBI agents, including Peter Strzok, to the White House to question Flynn. Yates was fired a week later for failing to enforce Trump's constitutional travel ban. Yates tells White House counsel Don McGahn, "the underlying conduct that Gen. Flynn had engaged in was problematic in and of itself."

February 14, 2017: NYT reports on the FBI telling Obama officials there was no quid pro quo talked about between Flynn and Kislyak. Flynn still resigns, stating that he lied to Vice President Mike Pence about his discussions with Russia, despite the fact that the next month Comey briefed members of Congress and told them he did not believe Flynn lied to the FBI.

March 2, 2017: Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuses himself from the investigations involving Russia. Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, becomes Acting AG for the Russia probe. Later on we learn that Rosenstein signed at least one wiretap application against Carter Page.

March 4, 2017: President Trump tweets out: "Is it legal for a sitting President to be 'wire tapping' a race for president prior to an election? Turned down by court earlier. A NEW LOW!" He also tweeted: "How low has President Obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!"

March 22, 2017: California Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes announces he has seen evidence of Trump associates being spied on by Obama intelligence officials and their names subsequently being masked and illegally leaked. Nunes briefs Trump on the matter. In an interview on PBS, the forever dishonest Susan Rice responds to Nunes' allegations, stating, "I know nothing about this...I really don't know to what Chairman Nunes was referring." She later admits to the unmasking of Trump's team.

March 27, 2017: Evelyn Farkas, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense admits on admits on MSNBC that she encouraged Obama and Congressional officials to "get as much information as they can" about Russia and Trump officials before inauguration. Going on to state, "that's why you have the leaking."

Early April 2017: A third wiretap on Carter Page is approved. Multiple news sites report Rice requested and reviewed the unmasking of intelligence on Trump officials whose information was "incidentally" collected. She finally caves in and admits to this fact on April 4th and laughably says it wasn't political.

May 9, 2017: President Trump fires James Comey. Andrew McCabe becomes FBI director.

May 12, 2017: Benjamin Wittes, confidant of Comey, contacts New York Times reporter Mike Schmidt to leak conversations he had with Comey as FBI Director that are quite critical of President Trump.

May 16, 2017: NYT publishes leaked account of FBI memoranda recorded by Comey, who later came clean on his role in the the leak of FBI material through his friend, Columbia Law School professor Daniel Richman in order to commence a special counsel to investigate President Trump.

May 17, 2017: Rosenstein appoints Robert Mueller as Special Counsel in the Russia-Trump probe. Mueller and Comey are longtime friends having worked together at the DOJ and FBI. No conflict of interest there though!

Late June 2017: FBI renews wiretap against Page for the fourth and final time. It continues until late September 2017 and Page is never charged with any crime.

Summer 2017: FBI lawyer Lisa Page is taken off the Mueller investigation and her boyfriend FBI official Peter Strzok is removed from the investigation as well after the Inspector General unveiled compromising texts they exchanged.

December 19, 2017: McCabe says on more than one occasion during his testimony that the Trump wiretap on Page would not have been possible without the unverified Fusion GPS information.

January 4, 2018: Republican senators Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham refer criminal charges against Christopher Steele to the FBI. However, the FBI has an indisputable conflict of interest in investigating Steele since the FBI itself used Steele's opposition research to obtain wiretaps on Trump's team.

January 29-30, 2018: Andrew McCabe steps down as Deputy FBI Director ahead of his retirement a month later. News reports allege that the Inspector General is digging into why McCabe waited three weeks before acting on new Clinton emails found right before the election.

February 2, 2018: Nunes' House Intelligence Committee memo is released. It summarizes the fact that Fusion GPS' dossier was used to justify the wiretap on Page in addition to Fusion's back channel with the FBI through Nellie Ohr, who passed it to her husband, Associate Deputy AG Bruce Ohr.

February 16, 2018: Mueller obtains a guilty plea from a Dutch attorney for lying to investigators about the last time he spoke to Rick Gates regarding a 2012 project related to Ukraine, having nothing to do with the 2016 campaign or Trump. But he is married to the daughter of a Russian oligarch who is suing Buzzfeed and Christopher Steele!

February 22, 2018: David Kramer, John McCain's associate, invokes his Fifth Amendment right to not testify before the House Intelligence Committee. Remember, Kramer picked up the anti-Trump dossier in London and delivered it to McCain who then gave it to the FBI. Mueller files new charges against Manafort and former campaign aide Rick Gates, accusing them of tax-related crimes. Again, the allegations of crimes are unrelated to Trump.

February 23, 2018: Gates pleads guilty to conspiracy and lying to investigators despite issuing a statement saying he is innocent of the charges. Yet again, the allegations have no link to Trump-Russia collusion whatsoever.

March 12, 2018: House Intelligence Committee closes Russia-Trump investigation with no evidence of collusion.

March 16, 2018: Sessions fires Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, based on a recommendation from FBI ethics investigators.

The most recent revelations about SPYGATE are finally bringing the truth out into the light. President Trump's campaign was spied on and his aides were listened to due to a wholly fabricated and unverified dossier funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. We have seen corruption and collusion at the highest levels of government, but it's not the Trump administration who is guilty, Barack Obama, his intelligence leaders, and his Justice Department are the ones to blame. They are criminals and should be prosecuted.

The ultimate question remains, what did Obama know and when did he know it?

One more note before I finish this three-part series on SPYGATE. Just released text messages from Strzok and Page reveal that the collusion against Trump to derail his path to the White House was run directly from the White House!

text message strzok
Image obtained by The Washington Reporter of text messages between Strzok and Page involving the White House's involvement in SPYGATE

Barack Obama and White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett ordered the FBI and DOJ to start emailing each other with messages portraying the appearance of the White House having nothing to do with spying on the Trump campaign, or "Operation Crossfire Hurricane," as noted previously in this series.

For several months, the untrustworthy Rod Rosenstein did all he could to hold back these text messages from Congress, fearing the uproar that will ensue following its release. After threats from Nunes to impeach Rosenstein and now FBI Director Chris Ray, the text messages were finally turned over with "narrowly tailored" redactions from the DOJ.

This story is developing so more on the matter will come. Thank you for reading! Please share with your friends and families so we can finally bring the crooked Obama administration to justice and hopefully lock up crooked Hillary while we're at it!

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