Trudeau & Morneau
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Tweedledee & Tweedledum
If his latest PR disaster of a trip to India is anything to go by, Justin Trudeau is working overtime to put the "tard" in Libtard.

Yesterday, the Canadian PM, along with Finance Minister Bill Morneau, unveiled Canada's 2018 federal spending plan whose sole purpose seems to be to pander to women voters and their delicate male feminist counterparts with a bunch of costly ineffective progressive policies.
Finance Minister Bill Morneau's third budget released Tuesday is very much a left-wing document and they're not even trying to hide the fact. For a supposedly financial document, it's rife with identity politics - touching upon multiple issues of gender and race.

Prior to the release they were teasing this as the first budget seen through a gender lens. Oh boy, do they deliver on that front.

The word gender appears 358 times. Choose another big issue, say, terrorism - that word doesn't appear once. It tells you something about priorities.
That our soy swilling, empty headed Prime Minister would table this type of superficial, female-focused budget comes as no surprise considering that a majority of Canadian men do not support Trudeau's Liberal party and in order to secure a second term after the 2019 election, he must prostate himself upon the altar of political correctness.
If not for women, Justin Trudeau's government would be in serious trouble. And not only because they comprise half the cabinet: the support of women is carrying this government through the difficult midterm portion of its mandate.

According to the last opinion tracking by Nanos Research, the Liberals actually trail the Conservatives in support among men: 38 per cent to 33 per cent. But among women, the Liberals lead 42 per cent to 25 per cent. And the latter gap is enough to give the governing party an overall lead.
The more cynical (and perhaps astute) reader might think that our youthfully handsome world leader cares only about his own future political career, and is merely using the cause celebre of 'minority rights' as a tool to get himself reelected.
The budget might go some way toward ensuring the political gender gap continues to pay dividends for the Liberals. If the party can hold its support among women through to the 2019 election, it can still emerge with a majority government - even if it loses the male vote
But it is only a federal budget after all. The financial plan for an entire nation whose economic health and long term viability are dependent on sound fiscal policy. At least one would hope that the PM and his cabinet are working to balance the budget?
During the 2015 election campaign the Liberals promised to eliminate the deficit by 2019. Today, Morneau defended the decision to run successive deficits as a strategy to realize long-term economic gains and leave lasting positive impacts for women and Indigenous people, and on innovation and the fight against climate change.
Maybe not.

It's curious to note that the name of this years budget is "Equality + Growth", with "equality" taking first priority and "growth" coming in almost as an afterthought.
This is a budget that is much more about equality than it is growth. That, and pandering to every conceivable Liberal client group and policy cult: environmentalists, seasonal EI recipients, multiculturalism, official language groups, regional development, all the way to the media (it's only $50 million over five years this time, but that's just an appetizer: the main course is still to come). And, of course, feminists.
And which foreign politician did Finance Minister Bill Morneau consult with in order to pay lip service to gender equity? None other than Swedish Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson, whose own country is reaping the rewards of open borders and multiculturalism.

Magdalena Andersson
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Swedish Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson
Could it be that the PM, along with his forward-thinking Finance Minister, are looking forward to turning parts of Canada into lawless, migrant, no-go zones, where regions are so rife with violence that regular Canadian citizens fear to tread there? Perhaps there is a clue to their real intentions in the budget itself.
The nuttiest of all, though, has to be the extra $173.2 million funding provided under a little section headlined "Irregular Migration: Managing the Border". The word choice of the title, "irregular", is a dead giveaway that this isn't going to be about halting illegal crossings.

The truth is it's pretty much money to further entrench open borders: "Funding would be used to manage the increased number of people seeking asylum in Canada this year, many of whom arrive with their families seeking quick, safe and compassionate processing. Funds would be used to provide short term processing and security decision-making capacity for the Immigration and Refugee Board."

While expedited IRB decisions is very much needed, "short term processing" means more of what we saw in Quebec, with border guards acting like bellhops, just in a more orderly and luxurious fashion.
But what about Canadian men? Certainly, being that our leftist leaning PM and poster-boy for post-modernism is all agog about "gender equality", there must be something in the budget for men and boys too?
They herald the creation of a new Centre for Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Statistics and pony up $1.8 million for something called Engaging Men and Boys to Promote Gender Equality.

The detailed description for that last one contains this gem of academic nonsense: "At the same time, men and boys also have gendered intersecting identities and experience inequality, and are not all a homogenous group."
So, nothing that would actually improve the lives of men and boys, other than to indoctrinate them into the cult of "toxic masculinity", by blaming their entire gender for all imaginary injustices in the world. Money well spent.

But whose money is it anyway? Just the simple-minded and insignificant pleebs known as citizens and taxpayers who work all year so that their government can spend their hard-earned money posturing for political correctness points upon the world stage and in front of the fawning liberal media.

And if nothing else, in the words of a substitute drama teacher and self-proclaimed economic expert, "the budget will balance itself."