winter storm east coast US january 2018
Dr. Ryan Maue of has been watching the development of forecasts for a new major winter storm that is likely to pound the U.S. East Coast and Northeast/New England States Friday and Saturday. He writes:
Tropical moisture feed ahead of developing major winter storm will provide huge rainfall atop any frozen ground in the Middle Atlantic and Northeast into Saturday. Bad!
"Bad" in this case may equate to blizzard like conditions with heavy rain over frozen ground and snow, making for a real mess. Just look at the amount of precipitable water ahead of the system:
winter storm east cost janaury 2018
Here is the precipitation amounts from 6Z to 12Z on Saturday. That translates to East Coast times from Friday night to Saturday morning:
east coast us winter storm january 2018
As you can see, snow will follow behind the liquid precip as cold air advects in behind the front and low, this means a layered mess is likely, with frozen ground, then rain on that , which will refreeze, then snow on top of that. It's like a layer cake from hell frozen over.

At least the timing avoids the Friday evening rush hour in major east coast cities. Let's hope the system does not speed up.