I (and others) have always wondered why no one took any (amateur) photos during the alleged hubbub of the so-called 1947 Roswell incident?

Kevin Randle has broached the topic writing that he and other UFO researchers asked for and looked for, unsuccessfully, photos and diary entries for the July 1947 period when a flying disc supposedly crashed outside Roswell, causing a military ruckus in town.

Cameras and photography such as that advertised like these...
Spartus cameras ad
© Spencer Company
Agfa film
...were prominent in the July 1947 time-frame.

More interesting is that the Roswell incident apparently happened during the July 4th 1947 holiday period when people celebrated that significant holiday and took lots of photos to commemorate it:

4th of July celebration in Roswell, NM
4th of July celebration in Roswell, NM
4th of July celebration in Roswell, NM
Life cover 4th of July celebration
© Life
But no one in or around Roswell did?

Doesn't that strike you as odd, abnormal for a town with an important military base in situ, one that figured prominently (and decisively) in World War II?

Where are the photos? The commemoration? The local newspaper photos of the reported consternation that Mac Brazel and the military brought to the town?