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The exposed nightmare in Ukraine-controlled Severodonetsk shocked the inhabitants of Donbass. The fears of people aren't unfounded: the facts emerging on the surface about the events in UAF-controlled territory is only a small fragment of the criminal canvas that is the present Ukrainian reality.

As was reported, the Kiev Armed Forces, together with the Ukrainian authorities of Severodonetsk, organized a children's brothel in the city's boarding school. The so-called administration of the Severodonetsk general education boarding school for orphaned children forces minor pupils on both genders to perform sexual acts with customer-pedophiles from among the military personnel, militants of national battalions, representatives of the occupational administration, and even ... Ukrainian law enforcement bodies ... The police of the LPR stated that at the disposal of employees of Lugansk justice are documents about concrete crimes and their participants.

It should be noted that this boarding school has been in the view of law enforcement bodies for a long time — already in 2005 it became known that the employees of the boarding school and of the city department of education of Severodonetsk were charged with complicity in the illegal adoption of children by foreigners. The investigation established that persons, working in the interests of foreign citizens and having received large bribes, forged the documents that were necessary for the court to pronounce a decision on the adoption of a child. The fact that the children adopted by foreigners from the CIS countries were subjected to sexual exploitation abroad has long been known.

The principal of the boarding school Elena Legostayeva described one of the cases of illegal adoption back then. According to her, 6-year-old Olya was taken abroad. "Then the lawyer of the boarding school together with the methodologist of the city department of education, who made the materials on adoption, used my absence — at that moment I was on a business trip in Kiev — they prepared counterfeit documents, having forged my signature and the signature of the director of studies of the school," she said.

And in September, 2016, the Ukrainian occupational authorities in Severodonetsk reported that in this city the so-called "State University of Internal Affairs named after E.A. Didorenko" - "evacuated" from Lugansk - "resumed" its work. In other words, this so-called university consisted of a number of pro-Ukrainian renegades who betrayed their city and their people. After previously wandering around in Sumy, these defectors moved to Severodonetsk after its capture by the UAF. But this isn't the cherry on the cake, because the location of this pseudo-university of internal affairs coincides... with the address of this same ill-fated boarding school where a children's brothel was being run!

In the contact information of this so-called "university of internal affairs of E.A. Didorenko" on the site it is said:
"Address: Severodonetsk, 1 Donetskaya Street, (third floor of the building of the boarding school); Phone: 063-338-54-31; e-mail:,; site:".
university of internal affairs of E.A. Didorenko
I.e. this "educational institution" was given a part of the premises of this same city boarding school.The Ukrainian media writes that the management of the boarding school doesn't object to such a vicinities. As the director of the educational institution Elena Legostayeva said, they have cooperated with the police for a long time.
"We will prepare our children for this educational institution. So the vicinities are normal," said Elena Legostayeva.
And, probably, the children are being "prepared"... by corruption...

As was already reported, pedophiles must be in each of the links of the chain of the Ukrainian occupational power, covering for each other. This is the most real mutual responsibility — monsters from the UAF are covered by the local administration and so-called law enforcement bodies, who also, instead of putting an end to the monstrous crimes, take part in orgies, corruption, and the rape of children. And the cohabitation in one building with the pseudo-university of internal affairs is a very convenient cover for Ukrainian perverts from the power — and pro-Maidan "law enforcement bodies" directly carry out both cover and delivery of a flow of children for corruption.

If the founder of this "State university of internal affairs", which this pseudo-university was named after - the police Colonel-General, professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine Eduard Alekseevich Didorenko (1938-2007) - found out about such a criminal conveyor, he probably would turn in his grave. Or would personally shoot this scum with epaulettes.

"The university of internal affairs can also become a platform for graduates of the boarding school,"
specified the Severodonetsk media, nearly floutingly. It appears that the vicinities that the management of the boarding school didn't object to turned out to be vicinities with perverts and cannibals, using the children of Donbass to satisfy their monstrous inclinations.