Putin at Valdai
The Russian leader noted that international politics is increasingly interfering in economic relations

The latest US sanctions are aimed at forcing Russia out of the European energy market, so that Europe could buy more expensive American liquefied natural gas (LNG), Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club on Thursday.

He noted that international politics is interfering in economic relations. "The recent sanction package adopted by the US Congress is frankly aimed at forcing Russia out of the European energy markets, pushing Europe to switch to more expensive liquefied gas from the US, and there is not enough volume," Putin said.

He also drew attention to attempts to obstruct the projects of constructing new gas pipeline routes, despite the fact that such diversification of logistics is "economically efficient, beneficial to Europe, serves to enhance its security".

According to Putin, universal economic interdependence did not become a guarantee against political contradictions between the countries - on the contrary, the nature of confrontations became more complicated, "they became multilayered and nonlinear."

Putin is confident that in the modern world, strategic gains at the expense of other countries are impossible. "Such policy based on self-confidence, selfishness, will bring neither respect nor greatness. However, natural rejection and resistance will inevitably arise. As a result, we will get further growth of tension and contradictions, instead of trying to form a stable world order together, responding to manmade, environmental, climatic, humanitarian challenges that mankind is facing today," Putin said.