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Swansea University...WTF happened???
Swansea University in Wales is renaming its law school after Hillary Clinton and will honor the two-time presidential candidate and former secretary of state with an honorary degree. Clinton is being honored for her "commitment to promoting the rights of families and children around the world," and will receive the degree on October 14

Swansea University is proud to announce that Hillary Rodham Clinton is to be conferred with an honorary doctorate at a ceremony at the University's Bay Campus on Saturday 14 October.

The award is being made in recognition of her commitment to promoting the rights of families and children around the world, a commitment that is shared by Swansea University's Observatory on the Human Rights of Children and Young People.

Additionally, there will be a ceremony unveiling a stone that will change the name of Swansea's law school from College of Law to the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law. Clinton is of partial Welsh heritage.

On Facebook, some Swansea students were less than thrilled about Clinton receiving these honors, and pointed out that she hasn't always had the best record on promoting human rights around the world.

I mean, Swansea University is free to do what it wants, but out of everyone in the world to name a law school after...they landed on Hillary Clinton?


See below for the comments in the tweet:

Owain Brooks
If she truly cared about the lies of children and young people, she would have supported a universal health service in America. Oh wait, her donors won't let her.

Uzayr Ahmed
So we're okay with giving doctorates to war criminals now are we?

Robo Onuorah
Wow just wow, Swansea University you have fallen from the peak I placed you, a woman who sided with her rapist of husband frustrating multiple women her husband chose to abuse, a woman who advocated for a pedophile. Wow just wow.

Verity Jones
You're PROUD to announce...? I don't think you should bet Oh dear swansea university.l...youd think you could have checked her history before making such a decision!

Matt Campbell
'promoting the rights of families and children around the world" She's a war criminal. How much are you being paid Prof. Richard Davies or are you in her gang?

Alex Morgan
what a strange choice - recognition of her commitment to promoting the rights of families and children. A woman who has defended full-term partial birth abortion on national television during the recent presidential debate. Perhaps she is right and "We are all living through an all-out assault on truth...

Elijah Farah
Can't we just give it to the CHuckle Brothers instead? They've done far more good for the world in their time. And let's be honest, they're the only people in the world who can make the prices at Fiction honest. If that isn't grounds enougj I dunno what is.