Nazism in Ukraine
Ever since last month, the US media and the left wing politicians have been up in arm about alleged "rise of Nazism in America." By now, the coverage has been incessant and beyond hysterical, as pundits and 'antifascist' activists claim that a viable white supremacist movement is threatening to take over the country - which is a media-driven alternative reality.

What the America's liberal mainstream media establishment will not mention is the US government's own role, particularly that of the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton's State Department (and funded by her campaign financier George Soros) in helping to fuel the scourge of Nazism in eastern Europe, in the Ukraine. Likewise, Republicans and so-called 'conservatives' will not want to mention party luminary Senator John McCain's own personal role in promoting Ukraine's Far Right parties and helping shoe-horn them into power in 2014 after a successful US-backed coup d'etat and putsch, and the disastrous junta which has followed.

The following open letter was posted by Aleksandr Gontar from Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, skillfully articulates the current farce in the United States and the feigned righteous indignation from the progressive left over the recent staged political altercation in Charlottesville, Virginia...
I always considered myself as a person with left-wing views, but looking at what is happening in the US I can't escape the thought that the American left, in its majority, is the dumbest and most useless "comrade" on the planet. As a minimum, to profess liberal views and at the same time to call oneself "leftist" is a bit silly.

The desperate fight of American comrades against "Nazis" in general is comical. They are shocked by a torchlight procession in Charlottesville, while regular torch processions in the capital of Ukraine, which they so fervently support in its "fight for democracy", don't shock them. I speak as well about simple red-blue rainbow plankton, as well as about the famous "fighters" against oppression a la Tom Morello (whom I respect as a musician) and other celebrities, cosplaying Che Guevara with a red star on the cap. "A nightmare, Nazis are in America! They hoisted the colors of the confederates and shaved their heads! OH MY GOD". American "Nazis" are the same clowns as American "anti- fascists", by the way.

Kids, come into The Ukraine, we will show you Nazis. Real ones. Who kill people... kill massively, proceeding from the racial theory. They kill in savage ways like the SS did in the 40's. We will show you a whole State that erects monuments to the ideologists and performers of the Holocaust, of Jewish riots, of the genocide of Poles. Who sweep away monuments to the liberators of mankind from Nazism. A State with a Nazi "Ministry of Truth," repressions against dissent, promotion of racial hatred in schools, on TV, in children's books. A State in which the Ministry of Internal Affairs supervises a website that incites the committing of murder of unreliable citizens, openly publishing all their personal information as well as members of their families.

So, when you will have such things in America, we will talk. When you have, instead of a car crashing into a crowd of anti-fascists, these anti-fascists like cattle are herded into the local House of Trade Unions and will be burned with Molotov cocktails (finishing off with steel poles those who try to escape), when the FBI creates a website on which it will publish the addresses of those who criticize Trump and the White Race, and the organized alt-right will start to go to these addresses, who, after your murder, will be called "patriots" and will be released, so then we will believe in your whining about Nazis.

And for now, s*ck on it, Mr American anti-fascists.
This letter was originally published at Stalker Zone, translated by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard.