James Damore will go down as one of the heroes of the MAGA movement. His plan to entrap Google was perfectly laid and like good SJLs - Social Justice Lemmings - the powers that be at Google fired him for doing nothing more than expressing an opinion.

That his opinion was outside of Google's cultural norm is irrelevant. Google made an enormous mistake, firing Damore before realizing the long-term ramifications of their act.

No way did Damore not know exactly what he was doing by circulating his now famous ten-page memo about Google's stifling culture. He did and he's pursuing the next logical step, legal action.

Regardless of whether a court finds in his favor or not, Google's reputation as an employer and as a service provider is now permanently tarnished. In their ideological fervor to stamp out all Wrong-think they provided us with prima facia evidence of their commitment to ideological excellence over operational excellence.

Stockholders should be selling on this news. This is a company that has already opened itself up to multiple shareholder lawsuits for selectively demonetizing sites its management is ideologically opposed to.

But, more than that, Google has crossed the Rubicon in the minds of people who wouldn't be convinced of their behavior until there was proof. Because, believe it or not, we mostly project our own reactions on to other people when assessing their range of behavior.

It is our normalcy bias.

And, contrary to MSNBC, the DNC and the editors at the HuffPo, Most People are neither Social Justice Idiots nor are they mouth-breathing, closet racist Nazi sympathizers.

Most People are of the "live and let live with" type more than a modicum of pathos and humanity. Most People aren't ideologically-driven to remake the world in their image.

And so, when you confront Most People with the idea that Google, the company that Most People use for the day-to-day managing of their lives, is not a profit-driven provider of service for money, but actually a viper's nest of closed-minded bigots and intolerant crazy-people they are immediately, in the common parlance now, "red-pilled."

Now, Google, in the minds of Most People, gets lumped in with the same Antifa thugs destroying property in the name of 'free speech' that Most People actually despise.

Thanks Google. No one could have red-pilled that many registerd voters as quickly as y'all just did.

Bless your little hearts, like we say here in the deplorable South.

So, Mr. Damore is a hero. He may have given us our Peak Social Justice moment. Google, along with Facebook and Twitter, are now openly censoring content on their platforms and hiding behind their Terms of Service as a way to enforce their narrow worldview.

This is exactly what they accuse "racists" or "homophobes," of doing when they won't serve black people at their restaurant or bake gay people a freaking wedding cake.

All the hectoring that we have had to sit through for decades now comes back full circle. They have used the power granted to them by us, the public internet built by tax money, to build an over-sized platform from which to become the very thing they purport to despise.

I expect bad treatment from Google if I use their services. I use Facebook solely to coordinate with my real-life friends. Twitter is a wasteland of poor thought, bad memes and worse grammar.

In my mind, Google has reached a level I reserve only for government. Most People aren't there yet, but they are a lot closer now than last week.

That's why, anarcho-libertarian that I am, I feel it's well past time that all of these companies be regulated as public utilities and must abide by Constitutional protections of free speech as laid out in the First Amendment and per U.S. labor law.

I know it's a dangerous argument. Getting the government involved is always dangerous. It's a band-aid and not a solution. Platforms like Gab and Steemit are solutions.

But, when these people have such an enormous voice in shaping political thought to promulgate behavior antithetical to a healthy body politic, it's time for the herd to protect itself.

That's what we did when we rolled the dice on Donald Trump. You can bet we're not doing so in 2020 for President Cuck-erberg if Trump fails to drain the swamp.

And that's the incredible irony of this. Because Google is the company that truly wants to control all the information that gets processed by your senses. Its goal is complete domination of acceptable speech and who can be a part of their version of society.

And the information it just transmitted to us?

Google is evil.