German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin
© AP Photo/Alexander ZemlianichenkoGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin
President Putin lambasted European leaders for their total lack of concern for the victims of the Odessa Massacre which took place three years ago today.

Standing next to Germany Chancellor Merkel, The Russian President reminded Merkel that,
"Ukrainian nationalists forced helpless people into the Trade Unions House and burned them alive.

The international community should never forget about this incident and never allow anything like it to happen in the future"
Angela Merkel's government helped draft the infamous 21 February agreement in 2014 which immediately led to an illegal coup against President Viktor Yanukovych. Her credibility on the wider Ukrainian problem is therefore deeply tarnished.

Putin reminded Merkel that it is the post-coup regime in Kiev which has pushed Donbass away, not Russia which has somehow lured the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics to Moscow. Putin detailed how in terms of currency, utilities and vital supplies, the Kiev regime has isolated Donbass and that it was only natural for Russian aid and other services to fill this void.

Putin also told Merkel that Russia practices a steadfast policy of non-interference in the affairs of other nations, although western nations have frequently meddled in internal Russian political matters.

This came after a German reporter asked if Russia planned to meddle in forthcoming German elections.

The Russian President responded,
"We never interfere, either in political life or in the political processes of other countries. We would also like that no one would interfere in Russia's political life...

Unfortunately, what we see is precisely the opposite. We have seen attempts to interfere in internal political processes in Russia for a very long time.

Realising how harmful and futile these efforts are, we have never even thought of meddling in the political processes in other countries".
Putin described his relationship with Merkel as 'businesslike' which is often a political code word for 'cold'.

Merkel was once something of a bridge between the hostile, Russophobic nations of Eastern Europe and Russia. But since 2014, she has adopted a policy of ideologically driven opposition to Russia, this in spite of the fact that Germany is dependant on Russian gas supplies.

The meeting will not be remembered as a success for Germany, nor personally for Mrs. Merkel.