ipswich ufo light

Strange light in Ipswich sky on April 29, 2017
Residents rang police in the early hours this morning with reports of seeing strange lights in the sky. Police say the report came in at 4.29am and was seen over the Leichhardt area. The strange light was captured by the Ipswich City Council's Safe City cameras and show a very bright, white light in the sky.

The time stamp reads 4.36am.

The RAAF confirmed to police there was no aircraft in the sky at the time that may have explained the reports. The footage lasts for just over two minutes and clearly shows the unexplained light.

This year there have been multiple reports of 'strange lights' including in January when a Toowoomba man reported seeing a blistering orange light. He told The Chronicle he was looking towards Crows Nest when a bright light filled the sky about 12.15am.

Similar reports of strange lights in the sky were made by residents on the Gold Coast on New Year's Day.

Last year residents made more than 40 separate reports to the UFO Research Centre, Queensland describing varying experiences such as a quick bright flash and two separate lights appearing together.

Watch the video here.